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Team Details
Team short abbreviation: GG
Team full name: Gamers Generation
Homepage: http://www.gamersgen.org
About the Team:

Trophies Circuit:
Trophies Drift: Record at Miami Park Drift: 1,190 (BrianGG)Record at Tokyo Docks Drift: 1,089 (BrianGG)Record at TOYOTA Drift 1: 802 (BrianGG)Record at London Millemium Drift: 2,149 (BrianGG)Record at Silverstone GP: 2,906 (BrianGG)Record at Zolder Circuit: 3,164 (BrianGG)Record at Willow Springs Horse: 1,045 (BrianGG)Record at Suzuka East: 1,539 (BrianGG)Record at Suzuka GP: 2,778 (BrianGG)Record at Willow Springs GP: 4,906 (BrianGG)Record at Silverstone International: 2,300 (BrianGG)Record at Tokyo Dockside: 922 (BrianGG)Record at Silverstone Bridge GP: 3,194 (BrianGG)Record at Tokyo Club: 867 (BrianGG)Record at Tokyo Westbound: 1,732 (BrianGG)Record at Tokyo Circuit: 1,627 (BrianGG)Record at Road America: 3,080 (BrianGG)Record at Oschersleben GP: 1,683 (BrianGG)Record at Nurburgring Sprint: 1,808 (BrianGG)Record at Nurburgring Mullenbach: 744 (BrianGG)
Record at Nurburgring GP: 2,548 (BrianGG)Record at Nordschleife Nurnburg: 2,590 (BrianGG)Record at London Club: 693 (BrianGG)Record at Miami Bayside: 1,284 (BrianGG)Record at London Whitehall Drive: 1,246 (BrianGG)Record at Miami Biscayne: 1,618 (BrianGG)Record at London Embankment Loop: 1,110 (BrianGG)Record at Miami Bayfront: 580 (BrianGG)Record at London Royal Mile: 1,072 (BrianGG)Record at Miami Bicentennial: 1,361 (BrianGG)Record at London River: 1,075 (BrianGG)Record at Hockenheimring Short: 1,605 (BrianGG)Record at Hockenheimring National: 1,868 (BrianGG)Record at Hockenheimring GP: 2,078 (BrianGG)Record at Hazyview Eight: 490 (BrianGG)Record at Glendale Club: 906 (BrianGG)Record at Ebisu Circuit Touge: 248 (BrianGG)Record at Ebisu Circuit South: 623 (BrianGG)Record at Ebisu Circuit West: 768 (BrianGG)Record at Dubai International: 2,678 (BrianGG)
Record at Donington National: 1,390 (BrianGG)Record at Donington GP: 1,753 (BrianGG)Record at Dijon-Prenois Short: 2,785 (BrianGG)Record at Dijon-Prenois: 3,459 (BrianGG)Record at Dakota Tri-Oval: 3,701 (BrianGG)Record at Dakota Club: 1,587 (BrianGG)Record at Dakota GP: 2,160 (BrianGG)Record at Brno Circuit: 3,256 (BrianGG)Record at Brands Hatch Indy: 2,006 (BrianGG)Record at Brands Hatch GP: 3,136 (BrianGG)Record at Mount Panorama: 1,905 (BrianGG)Record at Catalunya Club: 1,714 (BrianGG)Record at Ambush Canyon: 3,233 (BrianGG)Record at Alpental: 1,815 (BrianGG)Record at TOYOTA Drift 2: 1,066 (BrianGG)Record at Spa GP: 2,661 (BrianGG)Record at Silverstone National: 1,628 (BrianGG)Record at Shanghai Yan_an: 863 (BrianGG)Record at Shanghai Nanjing: 917 (BrianGG)Record at Shanghai Bund GP: 1,271 (BrianGG)
Record at Riviera Port: 822 (BrianGG)Record at Riviera Monument: 761 (BrianGG)Record at Riviera Monte Grande: 1,196 (BrianGG)Record at Riviera Casino: 1,459 (BrianGG)Record at Oschersleben B: 1,055 (BrianGG)Record at Monza Jr: 1,289 (BrianGG)Record at Glendale West: 1,102 (BrianGG)Record at Dubai National: 2,115 (BrianGG)Record at Dubai Club: 1,588 (BrianGG)Record at Dubai GP: 3,009 (BrianGG)Record at Dakota National: 1,496 (BrianGG)Record at Catalunya National: 1,267 (BrianGG)Record at Catalunya GP: 2,214 (BrianGG)Record at Autopolis Lakeside: 823 (BrianGG)Record at Autopolis GP: 2,638 (BrianGG)Record at Nurburgring Sprint Short: 1,204 (BrianGG)Record at Glendale East: 1,200 (BrianGG)
Positions in Standings (Circuit; Drift): 4 (20; 3)
Pts. (Circuit; Drift): 7,946 (36; 7525)
Number of Results (Circuit; Drift): 203 (1; 202)
Participated players (Circuit; Drift)): 1 (1; 1)
The team has beaten WR's:279
Has Most Points:BrianGG
Has Most Trophies:BrianGG
Best Player in Circuit:BrianGG
Best Player in Drift:BrianGG

Type: Country:

Overall Player Standings
# Country Team Player Pts. Loss Diff. Number of Results (Circuit; Drift) Trophies
1SpainGGBrianGG7,946 -0 -0203 (1; 202)Record at Alpental: 1,815Record at Ambush Canyon: 3,233Record at Catalunya Club: 1,714Record at Mount Panorama: 1,905Record at Brands Hatch GP: 3,136Record at Brands Hatch Indy: 2,006Record at Brno Circuit: 3,256Record at Dakota GP: 2,160Record at Dakota Club: 1,587Record at Dakota Tri-Oval: 3,701
Record at Dijon-Prenois: 3,459Record at Dijon-Prenois Short: 2,785Record at Donington GP: 1,753Record at Donington National: 1,390Record at Dubai International: 2,678Record at Ebisu Circuit West: 768Record at Ebisu Circuit South: 623Record at Ebisu Circuit Touge: 248Record at Glendale Club: 906Record at Hazyview Eight: 490
Record at Hockenheimring GP: 2,078Record at Hockenheimring National: 1,868Record at Hockenheimring Short: 1,605Record at London River: 1,075Record at Miami Bicentennial: 1,361Record at London Royal Mile: 1,072Record at Miami Bayfront: 580Record at London Embankment Loop: 1,110Record at Miami Biscayne: 1,618Record at London Whitehall Drive: 1,246
Record at Miami Bayside: 1,284Record at London Club: 693Record at Nordschleife Nurnburg: 2,590Record at Nurburgring GP: 2,548Record at Nurburgring Mullenbach: 744Record at Nurburgring Sprint: 1,808Record at Oschersleben GP: 1,683Record at Road America: 3,080Record at Tokyo Circuit: 1,627Record at Tokyo Westbound: 1,732
Record at Tokyo Club: 867Record at Silverstone Bridge GP: 3,194Record at Tokyo Dockside: 922Record at Silverstone International: 2,300Record at Willow Springs GP: 4,906Record at Suzuka GP: 2,778Record at Suzuka East: 1,539Record at Willow Springs Horse: 1,045Record at Zolder Circuit: 3,164Record at Silverstone GP: 2,906
Record at London Millemium Drift: 2,149Record at TOYOTA Drift 1: 802Record at Tokyo Docks Drift: 1,089Record at Miami Park Drift: 1,190Record at Autopolis GP: 2,638Record at Autopolis Lakeside: 823Record at Catalunya GP: 2,214Record at Catalunya National: 1,267Record at Dakota National: 1,496Record at Dubai GP: 3,009
Record at Dubai Club: 1,588Record at Dubai National: 2,115Record at Glendale West: 1,102Record at Monza Jr: 1,289Record at Oschersleben B: 1,055Record at Riviera Casino: 1,459Record at Riviera Monte Grande: 1,196Record at Riviera Monument: 761Record at Riviera Port: 822Record at Shanghai Bund GP: 1,271
Record at Shanghai Nanjing: 917Record at Shanghai Yan_an: 863Record at Silverstone National: 1,628Record at Spa GP: 2,661Record at TOYOTA Drift 2: 1,066Record at Glendale East: 1,200Record at Nurburgring Sprint Short: 1,204

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