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Team Details
Team short abbreviation: R.C.I.
Team full name: Racing
Homepage: http://racingclubitaliano.blogspot.com/
About the Team:

Racing Club Italiano - Il club ufficiale italiano di wrecord

Trophies Circuit: Record at Nevada Freight Yard: 0:19.822 (ITAxMAX)Record at Nevada Drag Strip: 0:07.495 (ITAxMAX)Record at Agueda Aerodrome: 0:19.478 (ITAxMAX)Record at Agueda Drag Strip: 0:07.563 (ITAxMAX)Record at Miyatomi Mile: 0:18.718 (ITAxMAX)Record at Miyatomi Drag Strip: 0:07.518 (ITAxMAX)Record at Silverstone GP: 1:40.288 (ITAxMAX)Record at Zolder Circuit: 1:13.799 (ITAxMAX)Record at Suzuka West: 1:01.133 (Panagiwta)Record at Willow Springs Horse: 0:45.636 (ITAxMAX)Record at Suzuka East: 0:40.869 (ITAxMAX)Record at Suzuka GP: 1:41.552 (ITAxMAX)Record at Willow Springs GP: 1:02.830 (ITAxMAX)Record at Spa GP: 1:53.568 (Panagiwta)Record at Silverstone National: 0:43.145 (ITAxMAX)Record at Silverstone International: 1:03.813 (Panagiwta)Record at Tokyo Dockside: 0:35.904 (ITAxMAX)Record at Silverstone Bridge GP: 1:26.893 (ITAxMAX)Record at Silverstone GP [1975]: 1:05.108 (ITAxMAX)Record at Tokyo Club: 0:36.234 (ITAxMAX)
Record at Shanghai Yan_an: 0:51.512 (ITAxMAX)Record at Tokyo Westbound: 0:46.553 (Panagiwta)Record at Shanghai Nanjing: 0:59.445 (ITAxMAX)Record at Tokyo Circuit: 0:44.130 (ITAxMAX)Record at Shanghai Bund GP: 1:14.067 (ITAxMAX)Record at Rustle creek: 0:15.489 (Panagiwta)Record at Rouen Short [1952]: 1:24.778 (ITAxMAX)Record at Rouen GP [1966]: 1:28.195 (ITAxMAX)Record at Road America: 1:39.698 (ITAxMAX)Record at Riviera Port: 0:48.549 (ITAxMAX)Record at Riviera Monument: 0:29.198 (Panagiwta)Record at Riviera Monte Grande: 1:27.921 (ITAxMAX)Record at Riviera Casino: 1:04.596 (ITAxMAX)Record at Oschersleben B: 0:49.717 (ITAxMAX)Record at Oschersleben GP: 1:11.241 (ITAxMAX)Record at Nurburgring Sprint Short: 0:59.249 (ITAxMAX)Record at Nurburgring Sprint: 1:10.657 (Panagiwta)Record at Nurburgring Mullenbach: 0:32.237 (ITAxMAX)Record at Nurburgring GP: 1:36.136 (ITAxMAX)Record at Nordschleife Nurnburg: 1:49.710 (ITAxMAX)
Record at Nordschleife Karussell: 1:54.360 (ITAxMAX)Record at Nordschleife Aremberg: 1:58.662 (ITAxMAX)Record at Nordschleife: 5:29.488 (ITAxMAX)Record at Miyatomi: 0:09.909 (ITAxMAX)Record at Monza Jr: 0:37.820 (ITAxMAX)Record at Monza GP: 1:23.746 (Panagiwta)Record at Monza GP [1958]: 1:07.370 (ITAxMAX)Record at London Club: 0:33.445 (ITAxMAX)Record at Miami Bayside: 1:23.055 (ITAxMAX)Record at London Whitehall Drive: 1:23.329 (ITAxMAX)Record at Miami Biscayne: 1:11.708 (ITAxMAX)Record at London Embankment Loop: 1:19.125 (ITAxMAX)Record at Miami Bayfront: 0:41.035 (ITAxMAX)Record at London Royal Mile: 1:05.311 (ITAxMAX)Record at Miami Bicentennial: 0:53.166 (ITAxMAX)Record at London River: 1:02.030 (ITAxMAX)Record at Laguna Seca: 1:08.802 (Panagiwta)Record at TOYOTA Oval: 0:13.473 (Panagiwta)Record at Hockenheimring [1982]: 1:42.733 (ITAxMAX)Record at Hockenheimring Short: 0:50.515 (ITAxMAX)
Record at Hockenheimring National: 1:10.554 (ITAxMAX)Record at Hockenheimring GP: 1:21.209 (ITAxMAX)Record at Hazyview Oval: 0:10.446 (ITAxMAX)Record at Hazyview Eight: 0:14.234 (Panagiwta)Record at Glendale West: 0:41.252 (ITAxMAX)Record at Glendale East: 0:41.587 (ITAxMAX)Record at Glendale Club: 0:29.072 (ITAxMAX)Record at Enna Pergusa: 1:15.758 (ITAxMAX)Record at Ebisu Circuit Touge: 0:33.988 (ITAxMAX)Record at Ebisu Circuit South: 0:24.875 (ITAxMAX)Record at Ebisu Circuit West: 0:44.101 (ITAxMAX)Record at Dubai National: 1:07.224 (ITAxMAX)Record at Dubai International: 1:16.936 (ITAxMAX)Record at Dubai Club: 0:47.479 (ITAxMAX)Record at Dubai GP: 1:35.293 (ITAxMAX)Record at Donington National: 0:53.817 (ITAxMAX)Record at Donington GP: 1:12.779 (Panagiwta)Record at Dijon-Prenois [1972]: 0:49.680 (Panagiwta)Record at Dijon-Prenois Short: 0:49.877 (ITAxMAX)Record at Dijon-Prenois: 1:02.137 (Panagiwta)
Record at Dakota Tri-Oval: 0:27.096 (ITAxMAX)Record at Dakota National: 0:32.583 (ITAxMAX)Record at Dakota Club: 0:29.874 (ITAxMAX)Record at Dakota GP: 0:36.594 (ITAxMAX)Record at Brno Circuit: 1:37.554 (Falco 208)Record at Brands Hatch Indy: 0:36.372 (ITAxMAX)Record at Brands Hatch GP: 1:09.611 (ITAxMAX)Record at Mount Panorama: 1:39.279 (ITAxMAX)Record at Catalunya Club: 0:35.276 (Panagiwta)Record at Catalunya National: 0:58.249 (ITAxMAX)Record at Catalunya GP: 1:26.191 (ITAxMAX)Record at Ambush Canyon: 1:06.966 (Panagiwta)Record at Autopolis Lakeside: 0:42.867 (ITAxMAX)Record at Autopolis GP: 1:25.155 (ITAxMAX)Record at Alpental: 0:33.804 (ITAxMAX)Record at Nevada Freight Yard: 0:19.927 (Panagiwta)Record at Nevada Drag Strip: 0:07.571 (Panagiwta)Record at Agueda Aerodrome: 0:19.504 (Panagiwta)Record at Agueda Drag Strip: 0:07.572 (Panagiwta)Record at Miyatomi Mile: 0:18.827 (nfs_thevisitor)
Record at Miyatomi Drag Strip: 0:07.631 (Panagiwta)Record at Silverstone GP: 1:40.319 (Panagiwta)Record at Zolder Circuit: 1:13.858 (Panagiwta)Record at Suzuka West: 1:01.229 (ITAxMAX)Record at Willow Springs Horse: 0:45.661 (Panagiwta)Record at Suzuka East: 0:40.946 (Panagiwta)Record at Suzuka GP: 1:41.629 (Panagiwta)Record at Willow Springs GP: 1:02.979 (Panagiwta)Record at Spa GP: 1:53.597 (ITAxMAX)Record at Silverstone National: 0:43.298 (Panagiwta)Record at Silverstone International: 1:03.949 (ITAxMAX)Record at Tokyo Dockside: 0:36.104 (Panagiwta)Record at Silverstone Bridge GP: 1:27.207 (Panagiwta)Record at Silverstone GP [1975]: 1:05.261 (Panagiwta)Record at Tokyo Club: 0:36.270 (Panagiwta)Record at Shanghai Yan_an: 0:51.626 (Panagiwta)Record at Tokyo Westbound: 0:46.571 (ITAxMAX)Record at Shanghai Nanjing: 0:59.830 (Panagiwta)Record at Tokyo Circuit: 0:45.381 (Panagiwta)Record at Shanghai Bund GP: 1:14.886 (Panagiwta)
Record at Rustle creek: 0:15.541 (ITAxMAX)Record at Rouen Short [1952]: 1:24.994 (Panagiwta)Record at Rouen GP [1966]: 1:28.230 (Panagiwta)Record at Road America: 1:40.360 (Panagiwta)Record at Riviera Port: 0:48.592 (Panagiwta)Record at Riviera Monument: 0:29.256 (ITAxMAX)Record at Riviera Monte Grande: 1:29.418 (Panagiwta)Record at Riviera Casino: 1:04.839 (Panagiwta)Record at Oschersleben B: 0:50.453 (Panagiwta)Record at Oschersleben GP: 1:11.459 (Panagiwta)Record at Nurburgring Sprint Short: 0:59.317 (Panagiwta)Record at Nurburgring Sprint: 1:10.727 (ITAxMAX)Record at Nurburgring Mullenbach: 0:32.366 (Panagiwta)Record at Nurburgring GP: 1:36.543 (Panagiwta)Record at Nordschleife Nurnburg: 1:50.285 (Panagiwta)Record at Nordschleife Karussell: 1:54.873 (Panagiwta)Record at Nordschleife Aremberg: 1:58.958 (Panagiwta)Record at Nordschleife: 5:30.566 (Panagiwta)Record at Miyatomi: 0:10.111 (Panagiwta)Record at Monza Jr: 0:37.905 (Panagiwta)
Record at Monza GP: 1:23.904 (ITAxMAX)Record at Monza GP [1958]: 1:07.757 (Panagiwta)Record at London Club: 0:33.492 (Panagiwta)Record at Miami Bayside: 1:23.596 (Panagiwta)Record at London Whitehall Drive: 1:23.487 (Panagiwta)Record at Miami Biscayne: 1:12.098 (Panagiwta)Record at London Embankment Loop: 1:20.106 (Panagiwta)Record at Miami Bayfront: 0:41.214 (Panagiwta)Record at London Royal Mile: 1:05.722 (Panagiwta)Record at Miami Bicentennial: 0:53.356 (Panagiwta)Record at London River: 1:02.241 (Panagiwta)Record at Laguna Seca: 1:08.861 (ITAxMAX)Record at TOYOTA Oval: 0:13.482 (ITAxMAX)Record at Hockenheimring [1982]: 1:43.155 (Panagiwta)Record at Hockenheimring Short: 0:50.654 (Panagiwta)Record at Hockenheimring National: 1:10.688 (Panagiwta)Record at Hockenheimring GP: 1:21.420 (Panagiwta)Record at Hazyview Oval: 0:10.522 (Panagiwta)Record at Hazyview Eight: 0:14.293 (ITAxMAX)Record at Glendale West: 0:41.363 (Panagiwta)
Record at Glendale East: 0:41.666 (Panagiwta)Record at Glendale Club: 0:29.093 (Panagiwta)Record at Enna Pergusa: 1:16.197 (Panagiwta)Record at Ebisu Circuit Touge: 0:34.000 (Panagiwta)Record at Ebisu Circuit South: 0:25.041 (Panagiwta)Record at Ebisu Circuit West: 0:44.354 (Panagiwta)Record at Dubai National: 1:07.367 (Panagiwta)Record at Dubai International: 1:17.294 (Panagiwta)Record at Dubai Club: 0:47.763 (Panagiwta)Record at Dubai GP: 1:35.424 (Panagiwta)Record at Donington National: 0:53.988 (Panagiwta)Record at Donington GP: 1:12.869 (ITAxMAX)Record at Dijon-Prenois [1972]: 0:49.842 (ITAxMAX)Record at Dijon-Prenois Short: 0:49.923 (Panagiwta)Record at Dijon-Prenois: 1:02.173 (ITAxMAX)Record at Dakota Tri-Oval: 0:27.128 (Panagiwta)Record at Dakota National: 0:32.616 (Panagiwta)Record at Dakota Club: 0:29.944 (Panagiwta)Record at Dakota GP: 0:36.750 (Panagiwta)Record at Brno Circuit: 1:37.912 (Panagiwta)
Record at Brands Hatch Indy: 0:36.520 (Panagiwta)Record at Brands Hatch GP: 1:09.706 (Panagiwta)Record at Mount Panorama: 1:39.356 (Panagiwta)Record at Catalunya Club: 0:35.388 (ITAxMAX)Record at Catalunya National: 0:58.298 (Panagiwta)Record at Catalunya GP: 1:26.488 (Panagiwta)Record at Ambush Canyon: 1:07.025 (ITAxMAX)Record at Autopolis Lakeside: 0:43.118 (Panagiwta)Record at Autopolis GP: 1:25.334 (Panagiwta)Record at Alpental: 0:33.828 (Panagiwta)Record at Nevada Freight Yard: 0:20.038 (nfs_thevisitor)Record at Agueda Aerodrome: 0:19.660 (nfs_thevisitor)Record at Miyatomi Mile: 0:18.872 (Panagiwta)Record at Willow Springs Horse: 0:46.104 (Injik)Record at Suzuka East: 0:41.016 (dattilo)Record at Suzuka GP: 1:42.125 (dattilo)Record at Tokyo Dockside: 0:36.182 (Falco 208)Record at Rouen GP [1966]: 1:28.638 (nfs_thevisitor)Record at Oschersleben B: 0:50.533 (Falco 208)Record at Nurburgring Sprint Short: 0:59.638 (Falco 208)
Record at Nurburgring Sprint: 1:10.811 (Falco 208)Record at Nurburgring Mullenbach: 0:32.373 (Falco 208)Record at Nurburgring GP: 1:36.805 (Falco 208)Record at Miyatomi: 0:10.272 (nfs_thevisitor)Record at Monza Jr: 0:37.979 (Falco 208)Record at London Embankment Loop: 1:20.223 (Injik)Record at Laguna Seca: 1:08.967 (Falco 208)Record at TOYOTA Oval: 0:13.498 (nfs_thevisitor)Record at Hockenheimring National: 1:11.135 (Falco 208)Record at Hazyview Oval: 0:10.562 (nfs_thevisitor)Record at Glendale East: 0:42.200 (nfs_thevisitor)Record at Ebisu Circuit Touge: 0:34.373 (nfs_thevisitor)Record at Ebisu Circuit West: 0:44.590 (nfs_thevisitor)Record at Donington GP: 1:13.795 (Falco 208)Record at Dijon-Prenois [1972]: 0:49.909 (Falco 208)Record at Dijon-Prenois Short: 0:50.342 (Falco 208)Record at Dijon-Prenois: 1:02.226 (Falco 208)Record at Dakota National: 0:32.678 (Falco 208)Record at Dakota Club: 0:29.962 (Falco 208)Record at Dakota GP: 0:36.897 (Falco 208)
Record at Brno Circuit: 1:38.085 (ITAxMAX)Record at Brands Hatch Indy: 0:36.647 (Falco 208)Record at Brands Hatch GP: 1:09.727 (Falco 208)Record at Catalunya Club: 0:35.422 (Falco 208)Record at Autopolis Lakeside: 0:43.438 (nfs_thevisitor)Record at Alpental: 0:33.901 (Falco 208)
Trophies Drift: Record at Autopolis GP: 3,528 (nfs_thevisitor)Record at Rouen Short [1952]: 1,309 (Panagiwta)Record at Rouen GP [1966]: 1,364 (Panagiwta)Record at Monza GP [1958]: 1,067 (Panagiwta)Record at London Embankment Loop: 1,069 (Panagiwta)Record at Hockenheimring [1982]: 707 (Panagiwta)Record at Enna Pergusa: 840 (Panagiwta)Record at Dijon-Prenois [1972]: 1,628 (nfs_thevisitor)Record at Dijon-Prenois Short: 2,644 (nfs_thevisitor)Record at Dijon-Prenois: 3,395 (nfs_thevisitor)Record at Brno Circuit: 3,035 (nfs_thevisitor)Record at Brands Hatch Indy: 1,923 (nfs_thevisitor)Record at Brands Hatch GP: 2,815 (nfs_thevisitor)Record at Ambush Canyon: 3,037 (nfs_thevisitor)Record at Silverstone GP [1975]: 858 (Falco 208)Record at Shanghai Yan_an: 712 (Panagiwta)Record at Shanghai Nanjing: 834 (Panagiwta)Record at Shanghai Bund GP: 1,265 (Panagiwta)Record at Rouen Short [1952]: 742 (Falco 208)Record at Rouen GP [1966]: 880 (Falco 208)
Record at Monza GP: 860 (Panagiwta)Record at Monza GP [1958]: 677 (Falco 208)Record at Miami Bayside: 923 (Panagiwta)Record at London Whitehall Drive: 935 (Panagiwta)Record at Miami Bayfront: 412 (Panagiwta)Record at Miami Bicentennial: 754 (Panagiwta)Record at Hockenheimring [1982]: 584 (Falco 208)Record at Dijon-Prenois [1972]: 314 (Falco 208)Record at Autopolis Lakeside: 744 (nfs_thevisitor)Record at Alpental: 1,339 (nfs_thevisitor)
Positions in Standings (Circuit; Drift): 1 (1; 1)
Pts. (Circuit; Drift): 51,224 (33726; 17016)
Number of Results (Circuit; Drift): 905 (564; 341)
Participated players (Circuit; Drift)): 8 (8; 4)
The team has beaten WR's:281
Has Most Points:ITAxMAX
Has Most Trophies:Panagiwta
Best Player in Circuit:ITAxMAX
Best Player in Drift:Falco 208

Type: Country:

Overall Player Standings
# Country Team Player Pts. Loss Diff. Number of Results (Circuit; Drift) Trophies
1ItalyR.C.I.ITAxMAX13,976 -0 -0196 (99; 97)Record at Alpental: 0:33.804Record at Autopolis GP: 1:25.155Record at Autopolis Lakeside: 0:42.867Record at Catalunya GP: 1:26.191Record at Catalunya National: 0:58.249Record at Mount Panorama: 1:39.279Record at Brands Hatch GP: 1:09.611Record at Brands Hatch Indy: 0:36.372Record at Dakota GP: 0:36.594Record at Dakota Club: 0:29.874
Record at Dakota National: 0:32.583Record at Dakota Tri-Oval: 0:27.096Record at Dijon-Prenois Short: 0:49.877Record at Donington National: 0:53.817Record at Dubai GP: 1:35.293Record at Dubai Club: 0:47.479Record at Dubai International: 1:16.936Record at Dubai National: 1:07.224Record at Ebisu Circuit West: 0:44.101Record at Ebisu Circuit South: 0:24.875
Record at Ebisu Circuit Touge: 0:33.988Record at Enna Pergusa: 1:15.758Record at Glendale Club: 0:29.072Record at Glendale East: 0:41.587Record at Glendale West: 0:41.252Record at Hazyview Oval: 0:10.446Record at Hockenheimring GP: 1:21.209Record at Hockenheimring National: 1:10.554Record at Hockenheimring Short: 0:50.515Record at Hockenheimring [1982]: 1:42.733
Record at London River: 1:02.030Record at Miami Bicentennial: 0:53.166Record at London Royal Mile: 1:05.311Record at Miami Bayfront: 0:41.035Record at London Embankment Loop: 1:19.125Record at Miami Biscayne: 1:11.708Record at London Whitehall Drive: 1:23.329Record at Miami Bayside: 1:23.055Record at London Club: 0:33.445Record at Monza GP [1958]: 1:07.370
Record at Monza Jr: 0:37.820Record at Miyatomi: 0:09.909Record at Nordschleife: 5:29.488Record at Nordschleife Aremberg: 1:58.662Record at Nordschleife Karussell: 1:54.360Record at Nordschleife Nurnburg: 1:49.710Record at Nurburgring GP: 1:36.136Record at Nurburgring Mullenbach: 0:32.237Record at Nurburgring Sprint Short: 0:59.249Record at Oschersleben GP: 1:11.241
Record at Oschersleben B: 0:49.717Record at Riviera Casino: 1:04.596Record at Riviera Monte Grande: 1:27.921Record at Riviera Port: 0:48.549Record at Road America: 1:39.698Record at Rouen GP [1966]: 1:28.195Record at Rouen Short [1952]: 1:24.778Record at Shanghai Bund GP: 1:14.067Record at Tokyo Circuit: 0:44.130Record at Shanghai Nanjing: 0:59.445
Record at Shanghai Yan_an: 0:51.512Record at Tokyo Club: 0:36.234Record at Silverstone GP [1975]: 1:05.108Record at Silverstone Bridge GP: 1:26.893Record at Tokyo Dockside: 0:35.904Record at Silverstone National: 0:43.145Record at Willow Springs GP: 1:02.830Record at Suzuka GP: 1:41.552Record at Suzuka East: 0:40.869Record at Willow Springs Horse: 0:45.636
Record at Zolder Circuit: 1:13.799Record at Silverstone GP: 1:40.288Record at Miyatomi Drag Strip: 0:07.518Record at Miyatomi Mile: 0:18.718Record at Agueda Drag Strip: 0:07.563Record at Agueda Aerodrome: 0:19.478Record at Nevada Drag Strip: 0:07.495Record at Nevada Freight Yard: 0:19.822Record at Ambush Canyon: 1:07.025Record at Catalunya Club: 0:35.388
Record at Dijon-Prenois: 1:02.173Record at Dijon-Prenois [1972]: 0:49.842Record at Donington GP: 1:12.869Record at Hazyview Eight: 0:14.293Record at TOYOTA Oval: 0:13.482Record at Laguna Seca: 1:08.861Record at Monza GP: 1:23.904Record at Nurburgring Sprint: 1:10.727Record at Riviera Monument: 0:29.256Record at Rustle creek: 0:15.541
Record at Tokyo Westbound: 0:46.571Record at Silverstone International: 1:03.949Record at Spa GP: 1:53.597Record at Suzuka West: 1:01.229Record at Brno Circuit: 1:38.085
2GreeceR.C.I.Panagiwta11,516 -2,460 -2,460153 (102; 51)Record at Ambush Canyon: 1:06.966Record at Catalunya Club: 0:35.276Record at Dijon-Prenois: 1:02.137Record at Dijon-Prenois [1972]: 0:49.680Record at Donington GP: 1:12.779Record at Hazyview Eight: 0:14.234Record at TOYOTA Oval: 0:13.473Record at Laguna Seca: 1:08.802Record at Monza GP: 1:23.746Record at Nurburgring Sprint: 1:10.657
Record at Riviera Monument: 0:29.198Record at Rustle creek: 0:15.489Record at Tokyo Westbound: 0:46.553Record at Silverstone International: 1:03.813Record at Spa GP: 1:53.568Record at Suzuka West: 1:01.133Record at Alpental: 0:33.828Record at Autopolis GP: 1:25.334Record at Autopolis Lakeside: 0:43.118Record at Catalunya GP: 1:26.488
Record at Catalunya National: 0:58.298Record at Mount Panorama: 1:39.356Record at Brands Hatch GP: 1:09.706Record at Brands Hatch Indy: 0:36.520Record at Brno Circuit: 1:37.912Record at Dakota GP: 0:36.750Record at Dakota Club: 0:29.944Record at Dakota National: 0:32.616Record at Dakota Tri-Oval: 0:27.128Record at Dijon-Prenois Short: 0:49.923
Record at Donington National: 0:53.988Record at Dubai GP: 1:35.424Record at Dubai Club: 0:47.763Record at Dubai International: 1:17.294Record at Dubai National: 1:07.367Record at Ebisu Circuit West: 0:44.354Record at Ebisu Circuit South: 0:25.041Record at Ebisu Circuit Touge: 0:34.000Record at Enna Pergusa: 1:16.197Record at Glendale Club: 0:29.093
Record at Glendale East: 0:41.666Record at Glendale West: 0:41.363Record at Hazyview Oval: 0:10.522Record at Hockenheimring GP: 1:21.420Record at Hockenheimring National: 1:10.688Record at Hockenheimring Short: 0:50.654Record at Hockenheimring [1982]: 1:43.155Record at London River: 1:02.241Record at Miami Bicentennial: 0:53.356Record at London Royal Mile: 1:05.722
Record at Miami Bayfront: 0:41.214Record at London Embankment Loop: 1:20.106Record at Miami Biscayne: 1:12.098Record at London Whitehall Drive: 1:23.487Record at Miami Bayside: 1:23.596Record at London Club: 0:33.492Record at Monza GP [1958]: 1:07.757Record at Monza Jr: 0:37.905Record at Miyatomi: 0:10.111Record at Nordschleife: 5:30.566
Record at Nordschleife Aremberg: 1:58.958Record at Nordschleife Karussell: 1:54.873Record at Nordschleife Nurnburg: 1:50.285Record at Nurburgring GP: 1:36.543Record at Nurburgring Mullenbach: 0:32.366Record at Nurburgring Sprint Short: 0:59.317Record at Oschersleben GP: 1:11.459Record at Oschersleben B: 0:50.453Record at Riviera Casino: 1:04.839Record at Riviera Monte Grande: 1:29.418
Record at Riviera Port: 0:48.592Record at Road America: 1:40.360Record at Rouen GP [1966]: 1:28.230Record at Rouen Short [1952]: 1:24.994Record at Shanghai Bund GP: 1:14.886Record at Tokyo Circuit: 0:45.381Record at Shanghai Nanjing: 0:59.830Record at Shanghai Yan_an: 0:51.626Record at Tokyo Club: 0:36.270Record at Silverstone GP [1975]: 1:05.261
Record at Silverstone Bridge GP: 1:27.207Record at Tokyo Dockside: 0:36.104Record at Silverstone National: 0:43.298Record at Willow Springs GP: 1:02.979Record at Suzuka GP: 1:41.629Record at Suzuka East: 0:40.946Record at Willow Springs Horse: 0:45.661Record at Zolder Circuit: 1:13.858Record at Silverstone GP: 1:40.319Record at Miyatomi Drag Strip: 0:07.631
Record at Agueda Drag Strip: 0:07.572Record at Agueda Aerodrome: 0:19.504Record at Nevada Drag Strip: 0:07.571Record at Nevada Freight Yard: 0:19.927Record at Enna Pergusa: 840Record at Hockenheimring [1982]: 707Record at London Embankment Loop: 1,069Record at Monza GP [1958]: 1,067Record at Rouen GP [1966]: 1,364Record at Rouen Short [1952]: 1,309
Record at Miyatomi Mile: 0:18.872Record at Miami Bicentennial: 754Record at Miami Bayfront: 412Record at London Whitehall Drive: 935Record at Miami Bayside: 923Record at Monza GP: 860Record at Shanghai Bund GP: 1,265Record at Shanghai Nanjing: 834Record at Shanghai Yan_an: 712
3ItalyR.C.I.nfs_thevisitor10,035 -3,941 -1,481223 (119; 104)Record at Autopolis GP: 3,528Record at Miyatomi Mile: 0:18.827Record at Ambush Canyon: 3,037Record at Brands Hatch GP: 2,815Record at Brands Hatch Indy: 1,923Record at Brno Circuit: 3,035Record at Dijon-Prenois: 3,395Record at Dijon-Prenois Short: 2,644Record at Dijon-Prenois [1972]: 1,628Record at Autopolis Lakeside: 0:43.438
Record at Ebisu Circuit West: 0:44.590Record at Ebisu Circuit Touge: 0:34.373Record at Glendale East: 0:42.200Record at Hazyview Oval: 0:10.562Record at TOYOTA Oval: 0:13.498Record at Miyatomi: 0:10.272Record at Rouen GP [1966]: 1:28.638Record at Agueda Aerodrome: 0:19.660Record at Nevada Freight Yard: 0:20.038Record at Alpental: 1,339
Record at Autopolis Lakeside: 744
4ItalyR.C.I.Falco 2089,789 -4,187 -246183 (94; 89)Record at Brno Circuit: 1:37.554Record at Alpental: 0:33.901Record at Catalunya Club: 0:35.422Record at Brands Hatch GP: 1:09.727Record at Brands Hatch Indy: 0:36.647Record at Dakota GP: 0:36.897Record at Dakota Club: 0:29.962Record at Dakota National: 0:32.678Record at Dijon-Prenois: 1:02.226Record at Dijon-Prenois Short: 0:50.342
Record at Dijon-Prenois [1972]: 0:49.909Record at Donington GP: 1:13.795Record at Hockenheimring National: 1:11.135Record at Laguna Seca: 1:08.967Record at Monza Jr: 0:37.979Record at Nurburgring GP: 1:36.805Record at Nurburgring Mullenbach: 0:32.373Record at Nurburgring Sprint: 1:10.811Record at Nurburgring Sprint Short: 0:59.638Record at Oschersleben B: 0:50.533
Record at Tokyo Dockside: 0:36.182Record at Dijon-Prenois [1972]: 314Record at Hockenheimring [1982]: 584Record at Monza GP [1958]: 677Record at Rouen GP [1966]: 880Record at Rouen Short [1952]: 742Record at Silverstone GP [1975]: 858
5RussiaR.C.I.Injik4,268 -9,708 -5,52186 (86; 0)Record at London Embankment Loop: 1:20.223Record at Willow Springs Horse: 0:46.104
6RussiaR.C.I.TormozOff1,136 -12,840 -3,13251 (51; 0)
7ItalyR.C.I.goldwings302 -13,674 -83410 (10; 0)
8ItalyR.C.I.dattilo202 -13,774 -1003 (3; 0)Record at Suzuka GP: 1:42.125Record at Suzuka East: 0:41.016

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