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Overall Player Standings
# Country Team Player Pts. Loss Diff. Number of Results (Ciucuit; Drift) Trophies
1ItalyR.C.I.ITAxMAX13,976 -0 -0196 (99; 97)Record at Circuit: Alpental: 0:33.804Record at Circuit: Autopolis GP: 1:25.155Record at Circuit: Autopolis Lakeside: 0:42.867Record at Circuit: Catalunya GP: 1:26.191Record at Circuit: Catalunya National: 0:58.249Record at Circuit: Mount Panorama: 1:39.279Record at Circuit: Brands Hatch GP: 1:09.611Record at Circuit: Brands Hatch Indy: 0:36.372Record at Circuit: Dakota GP: 0:36.594Record at Circuit: Dakota Club: 0:29.874
Record at Circuit: Dakota National: 0:32.583Record at Circuit: Dakota Tri-Oval: 0:27.096Record at Circuit: Dijon-Prenois Short: 0:49.877Record at Circuit: Donington National: 0:53.817Record at Circuit: Dubai GP: 1:35.293Record at Circuit: Dubai Club: 0:47.479Record at Circuit: Dubai International: 1:16.936Record at Circuit: Dubai National: 1:07.224Record at Circuit: Ebisu Circuit West: 0:44.101Record at Circuit: Ebisu Circuit South: 0:24.875
Record at Circuit: Ebisu Circuit Touge: 0:33.988Record at Circuit: Enna Pergusa: 1:15.758Record at Circuit: Glendale Club: 0:29.072Record at Circuit: Glendale East: 0:41.587Record at Circuit: Glendale West: 0:41.252Record at Circuit: Hazyview Oval: 0:10.446Record at Circuit: Hockenheimring GP: 1:21.209Record at Circuit: Hockenheimring National: 1:10.554Record at Circuit: Hockenheimring Short: 0:50.515Record at Circuit: Hockenheimring [1982]: 1:42.733
Record at Circuit: London River: 1:02.030Record at Circuit: Miami Bicentennial: 0:53.166Record at Circuit: London Royal Mile: 1:05.311Record at Circuit: Miami Bayfront: 0:41.035Record at Circuit: London Embankment Loop: 1:19.125Record at Circuit: Miami Biscayne: 1:11.708Record at Circuit: London Whitehall Drive: 1:23.329Record at Circuit: Miami Bayside: 1:23.055Record at Circuit: London Club: 0:33.445Record at Circuit: Monza GP [1958]: 1:07.370
Record at Circuit: Monza Jr: 0:37.820Record at Circuit: Miyatomi: 0:09.909Record at Circuit: Nordschleife: 5:29.488Record at Circuit: Nordschleife Aremberg: 1:58.662Record at Circuit: Nordschleife Karussell: 1:54.360Record at Circuit: Nordschleife Nurnburg: 1:49.710Record at Circuit: Nurburgring GP: 1:36.136Record at Circuit: Nurburgring Mullenbach: 0:32.237Record at Circuit: Nurburgring Sprint Short: 0:59.249Record at Circuit: Oschersleben GP: 1:11.241
Record at Circuit: Oschersleben B: 0:49.717Record at Circuit: Riviera Casino: 1:04.596Record at Circuit: Riviera Monte Grande: 1:27.921Record at Circuit: Riviera Port: 0:48.549Record at Circuit: Road America: 1:39.698Record at Circuit: Rouen GP [1966]: 1:28.195Record at Circuit: Rouen Short [1952]: 1:24.778Record at Circuit: Shanghai Bund GP: 1:14.067Record at Circuit: Tokyo Circuit: 0:44.130Record at Circuit: Shanghai Nanjing: 0:59.445
Record at Circuit: Shanghai Yan_an: 0:51.512Record at Circuit: Tokyo Club: 0:36.234Record at Circuit: Silverstone GP [1975]: 1:05.108Record at Circuit: Silverstone Bridge GP: 1:26.893Record at Circuit: Tokyo Dockside: 0:35.904Record at Circuit: Silverstone National: 0:43.145Record at Circuit: Willow Springs GP: 1:02.830Record at Circuit: Suzuka GP: 1:41.552Record at Circuit: Suzuka East: 0:40.869Record at Circuit: Willow Springs Horse: 0:45.636
Record at Circuit: Zolder Circuit: 1:13.799Record at Circuit: Silverstone GP: 1:40.288Record at Circuit: Miyatomi Drag Strip: 0:07.518Record at Circuit: Miyatomi Mile: 0:18.718Record at Circuit: Agueda Drag Strip: 0:07.563Record at Circuit: Agueda Aerodrome: 0:19.478Record at Circuit: Nevada Drag Strip: 0:07.495Record at Circuit: Nevada Freight Yard: 0:19.822Record at Circuit: Ambush Canyon: 1:07.025Record at Circuit: Catalunya Club: 0:35.388
Record at Circuit: Dijon-Prenois: 1:02.173Record at Circuit: Dijon-Prenois [1972]: 0:49.842Record at Circuit: Donington GP: 1:12.869Record at Circuit: Hazyview Eight: 0:14.293Record at Circuit: TOYOTA Oval: 0:13.482Record at Circuit: Laguna Seca: 1:08.861Record at Circuit: Monza GP: 1:23.904Record at Circuit: Nurburgring Sprint: 1:10.727Record at Circuit: Riviera Monument: 0:29.256Record at Circuit: Rustle creek: 0:15.541
Record at Circuit: Tokyo Westbound: 0:46.571Record at Circuit: Silverstone International: 1:03.949Record at Circuit: Spa GP: 1:53.597Record at Circuit: Suzuka West: 1:01.229Record at Circuit: Brno Circuit: 1:38.085
2GreeceR.C.I.Panagiwta11,516 -2,460 -2,460153 (102; 51)Record at Circuit: Ambush Canyon: 1:06.966Record at Circuit: Catalunya Club: 0:35.276Record at Circuit: Dijon-Prenois: 1:02.137Record at Circuit: Dijon-Prenois [1972]: 0:49.680Record at Circuit: Donington GP: 1:12.779Record at Circuit: Hazyview Eight: 0:14.234Record at Circuit: TOYOTA Oval: 0:13.473Record at Circuit: Laguna Seca: 1:08.802Record at Circuit: Monza GP: 1:23.746Record at Circuit: Nurburgring Sprint: 1:10.657
Record at Circuit: Riviera Monument: 0:29.198Record at Circuit: Rustle creek: 0:15.489Record at Circuit: Tokyo Westbound: 0:46.553Record at Circuit: Silverstone International: 1:03.813Record at Circuit: Spa GP: 1:53.568Record at Circuit: Suzuka West: 1:01.133Record at Circuit: Alpental: 0:33.828Record at Circuit: Autopolis GP: 1:25.334Record at Circuit: Autopolis Lakeside: 0:43.118Record at Circuit: Catalunya GP: 1:26.488
Record at Circuit: Catalunya National: 0:58.298Record at Circuit: Mount Panorama: 1:39.356Record at Circuit: Brands Hatch GP: 1:09.706Record at Circuit: Brands Hatch Indy: 0:36.520Record at Circuit: Brno Circuit: 1:37.912Record at Circuit: Dakota GP: 0:36.750Record at Circuit: Dakota Club: 0:29.944Record at Circuit: Dakota National: 0:32.616Record at Circuit: Dakota Tri-Oval: 0:27.128Record at Circuit: Dijon-Prenois Short: 0:49.923
Record at Circuit: Donington National: 0:53.988Record at Circuit: Dubai GP: 1:35.424Record at Circuit: Dubai Club: 0:47.763Record at Circuit: Dubai International: 1:17.294Record at Circuit: Dubai National: 1:07.367Record at Circuit: Ebisu Circuit West: 0:44.354Record at Circuit: Ebisu Circuit South: 0:25.041Record at Circuit: Ebisu Circuit Touge: 0:34.000Record at Circuit: Enna Pergusa: 1:16.197Record at Circuit: Glendale Club: 0:29.093
Record at Circuit: Glendale East: 0:41.666Record at Circuit: Glendale West: 0:41.363Record at Circuit: Hazyview Oval: 0:10.522Record at Circuit: Hockenheimring GP: 1:21.420Record at Circuit: Hockenheimring National: 1:10.688Record at Circuit: Hockenheimring Short: 0:50.654Record at Circuit: Hockenheimring [1982]: 1:43.155Record at Circuit: London River: 1:02.241Record at Circuit: Miami Bicentennial: 0:53.356Record at Circuit: London Royal Mile: 1:05.722
Record at Circuit: Miami Bayfront: 0:41.214Record at Circuit: London Embankment Loop: 1:20.106Record at Circuit: Miami Biscayne: 1:12.098Record at Circuit: London Whitehall Drive: 1:23.487Record at Circuit: Miami Bayside: 1:23.596Record at Circuit: London Club: 0:33.492Record at Circuit: Monza GP [1958]: 1:07.757Record at Circuit: Monza Jr: 0:37.905Record at Circuit: Miyatomi: 0:10.111Record at Circuit: Nordschleife: 5:30.566
Record at Circuit: Nordschleife Aremberg: 1:58.958Record at Circuit: Nordschleife Karussell: 1:54.873Record at Circuit: Nordschleife Nurnburg: 1:50.285Record at Circuit: Nurburgring GP: 1:36.543Record at Circuit: Nurburgring Mullenbach: 0:32.366Record at Circuit: Nurburgring Sprint Short: 0:59.317Record at Circuit: Oschersleben GP: 1:11.459Record at Circuit: Oschersleben B: 0:50.453Record at Circuit: Riviera Casino: 1:04.839Record at Circuit: Riviera Monte Grande: 1:29.418
Record at Circuit: Riviera Port: 0:48.592Record at Circuit: Road America: 1:40.360Record at Circuit: Rouen GP [1966]: 1:28.230Record at Circuit: Rouen Short [1952]: 1:24.994Record at Circuit: Shanghai Bund GP: 1:14.886Record at Circuit: Tokyo Circuit: 0:45.381Record at Circuit: Shanghai Nanjing: 0:59.830Record at Circuit: Shanghai Yan_an: 0:51.626Record at Circuit: Tokyo Club: 0:36.270Record at Circuit: Silverstone GP [1975]: 1:05.261
Record at Circuit: Silverstone Bridge GP: 1:27.207Record at Circuit: Tokyo Dockside: 0:36.104Record at Circuit: Silverstone National: 0:43.298Record at Circuit: Willow Springs GP: 1:02.979Record at Circuit: Suzuka GP: 1:41.629Record at Circuit: Suzuka East: 0:40.946Record at Circuit: Willow Springs Horse: 0:45.661Record at Circuit: Zolder Circuit: 1:13.858Record at Circuit: Silverstone GP: 1:40.319Record at Circuit: Miyatomi Drag Strip: 0:07.631
Record at Circuit: Agueda Drag Strip: 0:07.572Record at Circuit: Agueda Aerodrome: 0:19.504Record at Circuit: Nevada Drag Strip: 0:07.571Record at Circuit: Nevada Freight Yard: 0:19.927Record at Drift: Enna Pergusa: 840Record at Drift: Hockenheimring [1982]: 707Record at Drift: London Embankment Loop: 1,069Record at Drift: Monza GP [1958]: 1,067Record at Drift: Rouen GP [1966]: 1,364Record at Drift: Rouen Short [1952]: 1,309
Record at Circuit: Miyatomi Mile: 0:18.872Record at Drift: Miami Bicentennial: 754Record at Drift: Miami Bayfront: 412Record at Drift: London Whitehall Drive: 935Record at Drift: Miami Bayside: 923Record at Drift: Monza GP: 860Record at Drift: Shanghai Bund GP: 1,265Record at Drift: Shanghai Nanjing: 834Record at Drift: Shanghai Yan_an: 712
3ItalyR.C.I.nfs_thevisitor10,035 -3,941 -1,481223 (119; 104)Record at Drift: Autopolis GP: 3,528Record at Circuit: Miyatomi Mile: 0:18.827Record at Drift: Ambush Canyon: 3,037Record at Drift: Brands Hatch GP: 2,815Record at Drift: Brands Hatch Indy: 1,923Record at Drift: Brno Circuit: 3,035Record at Drift: Dijon-Prenois: 3,395Record at Drift: Dijon-Prenois Short: 2,644Record at Drift: Dijon-Prenois [1972]: 1,628Record at Circuit: Autopolis Lakeside: 0:43.438
Record at Circuit: Ebisu Circuit West: 0:44.590Record at Circuit: Ebisu Circuit Touge: 0:34.373Record at Circuit: Glendale East: 0:42.200Record at Circuit: Hazyview Oval: 0:10.562Record at Circuit: TOYOTA Oval: 0:13.498Record at Circuit: Miyatomi: 0:10.272Record at Circuit: Rouen GP [1966]: 1:28.638Record at Circuit: Agueda Aerodrome: 0:19.660Record at Circuit: Nevada Freight Yard: 0:20.038Record at Drift: Alpental: 1,339
Record at Drift: Autopolis Lakeside: 744
4ItalyR.C.I.Falco 2089,789 -4,187 -246183 (94; 89)Record at Circuit: Brno Circuit: 1:37.554Record at Circuit: Alpental: 0:33.901Record at Circuit: Catalunya Club: 0:35.422Record at Circuit: Brands Hatch GP: 1:09.727Record at Circuit: Brands Hatch Indy: 0:36.647Record at Circuit: Dakota GP: 0:36.897Record at Circuit: Dakota Club: 0:29.962Record at Circuit: Dakota National: 0:32.678Record at Circuit: Dijon-Prenois: 1:02.226Record at Circuit: Dijon-Prenois Short: 0:50.342
Record at Circuit: Dijon-Prenois [1972]: 0:49.909Record at Circuit: Donington GP: 1:13.795Record at Circuit: Hockenheimring National: 1:11.135Record at Circuit: Laguna Seca: 1:08.967Record at Circuit: Monza Jr: 0:37.979Record at Circuit: Nurburgring GP: 1:36.805Record at Circuit: Nurburgring Mullenbach: 0:32.373Record at Circuit: Nurburgring Sprint: 1:10.811Record at Circuit: Nurburgring Sprint Short: 0:59.638Record at Circuit: Oschersleben B: 0:50.533
Record at Circuit: Tokyo Dockside: 0:36.182Record at Drift: Dijon-Prenois [1972]: 314Record at Drift: Hockenheimring [1982]: 584Record at Drift: Monza GP [1958]: 677Record at Drift: Rouen GP [1966]: 880Record at Drift: Rouen Short [1952]: 742Record at Drift: Silverstone GP [1975]: 858
5Russiaa2cat8,225 -5,751 -1,564187 (12; 175)Record at Drift: Catalunya GP: 2,233Record at Drift: Catalunya National: 1,295Record at Drift: Dakota National: 1,516Record at Drift: Dijon-Prenois [1972]: 1,708Record at Drift: Dubai GP: 3,161Record at Drift: Dubai Club: 1,628Record at Drift: Dubai National: 2,239Record at Drift: Enna Pergusa: 1,372Record at Drift: Hockenheimring [1982]: 1,634Record at Drift: Laguna Seca: 1,045
Record at Drift: Monza GP [1958]: 2,724Record at Drift: Monza GP: 2,718Record at Drift: Monza Jr: 1,534Record at Drift: Nordschleife: 5,434Record at Drift: Nordschleife Aremberg: 1,707Record at Drift: Nordschleife Karussell: 1,834Record at Drift: Nurburgring Sprint Short: 1,233Record at Drift: Oschersleben B: 1,069Record at Drift: Riviera Casino: 1,531Record at Drift: Riviera Monte Grande: 1,260
Record at Drift: Riviera Monument: 763Record at Drift: Riviera Port: 841Record at Drift: Rouen GP [1966]: 1,802Record at Drift: Rouen Short [1952]: 1,567Record at Drift: Shanghai Bund GP: 1,300Record at Drift: Shanghai Nanjing: 945Record at Drift: Shanghai Yan_an: 911Record at Drift: Silverstone National: 1,635Record at Drift: Spa GP: 2,668Record at Drift: Suzuka West: 1,137
Record at Drift: Mount Panorama: 1,337Record at Drift: Dakota GP: 2,076Record at Drift: Dakota Tri-Oval: 3,125Record at Drift: Donington GP: 1,352Record at Drift: Glendale East: 1,223Record at Drift: Miami Bayfront: 430Record at Drift: Oschersleben GP: 1,499Record at Drift: Tokyo Circuit: 1,426Record at Drift: Tokyo Westbound: 1,383Record at Drift: Tokyo Club: 691
Record at Drift: Silverstone GP [1975]: 2,240Record at Drift: Suzuka GP: 2,232Record at Drift: Zolder Circuit: 1,868Record at Drift: Miami Park Drift: 1,118Record at Circuit: Miyatomi Drag Strip: 0:07.635Record at Circuit: Agueda Drag Strip: 0:07.625Record at Circuit: Nevada Drag Strip: 0:07.623Record at Drift: Donington National: 662Record at Drift: Dubai International: 1,242Record at Drift: Ebisu Circuit West: 657
Record at Drift: Ebisu Circuit South: 483Record at Drift: Ebisu Circuit Touge: 214Record at Drift: Glendale Club: 547Record at Drift: Glendale West: 940Record at Drift: Hazyview Eight: 414Record at Drift: Hockenheimring GP: 1,648Record at Drift: Hockenheimring National: 1,022Record at Drift: Hockenheimring Short: 841Record at Drift: London River: 761Record at Drift: London Royal Mile: 817
Record at Drift: London Club: 566Record at Drift: Nurburgring GP: 1,170Record at Drift: Nurburgring Mullenbach: 477Record at Drift: Road America: 1,943Record at Drift: Silverstone International: 1,119Record at Drift: Willow Springs GP: 2,334Record at Drift: Suzuka East: 854Record at Drift: Willow Springs Horse: 737Record at Drift: Silverstone GP: 1,658Record at Drift: London Millemium Drift: 1,904
Record at Drift: TOYOTA Drift 1: 621Record at Drift: TOYOTA Drift 2: 969Record at Drift: Tokyo Docks Drift: 851
6Germanytsuschiya8,178 -5,798 -47307 (95; 212)
7FranceISRCrtxus8,049 -5,927 -129242 (50; 192)Record at Drift: Glendale East: 1,257Record at Drift: Glendale West: 1,118Record at Drift: Catalunya Club: 1,479Record at Drift: Dakota Club: 1,558Record at Drift: Donington National: 1,375Record at Drift: Dubai International: 2,220Record at Drift: Glendale Club: 857Record at Drift: Hockenheimring GP: 2,028Record at Drift: Hockenheimring National: 1,796Record at Drift: Hockenheimring Short: 1,559
Record at Drift: Laguna Seca: 913Record at Drift: London River: 887Record at Drift: Miami Bicentennial: 1,056Record at Drift: London Royal Mile: 981Record at Drift: Miami Biscayne: 1,263Record at Drift: London Whitehall Drive: 1,160Record at Drift: Miami Bayside: 1,153Record at Drift: Monza GP: 1,549Record at Drift: Nordschleife Nurnburg: 2,396Record at Drift: Nurburgring GP: 2,056
Record at Drift: Nurburgring Mullenbach: 703Record at Drift: Nurburgring Sprint: 1,648Record at Drift: Nurburgring Sprint Short: 1,219Record at Drift: Road America: 2,863Record at Drift: Silverstone International: 2,033Record at Drift: Willow Springs GP: 3,028Record at Drift: Suzuka East: 1,412Record at Drift: Suzuka West: 1,032Record at Drift: Silverstone GP: 2,771Record at Drift: Autopolis GP: 2,551
Record at Drift: Ambush Canyon: 2,870Record at Drift: Catalunya GP: 1,860Record at Drift: Catalunya National: 1,138Record at Drift: Mount Panorama: 1,317Record at Drift: Brands Hatch GP: 2,186Record at Drift: Brands Hatch Indy: 1,580Record at Drift: Brno Circuit: 2,847Record at Drift: Dakota Tri-Oval: 1,803Record at Drift: Dijon-Prenois: 2,426Record at Drift: Dijon-Prenois Short: 1,996
Record at Drift: Donington GP: 1,322Record at Drift: Dubai GP: 2,966Record at Drift: Dubai Club: 1,500Record at Drift: Dubai National: 2,038Record at Drift: Enna Pergusa: 722Record at Drift: London Embankment Loop: 1,067Record at Drift: Monza Jr: 1,169Record at Drift: Nordschleife: 4,928Record at Drift: Nordschleife Aremberg: 1,294Record at Drift: Nordschleife Karussell: 1,800
Record at Drift: Oschersleben GP: 1,497Record at Drift: Oschersleben B: 971Record at Drift: Riviera Casino: 1,005Record at Drift: Riviera Monte Grande: 693Record at Drift: Riviera Monument: 670Record at Drift: Riviera Port: 490Record at Drift: Silverstone Bridge GP: 2,685Record at Drift: Tokyo Dockside: 744
8SpainGGBrianGG7,946 -6,030 -103203 (1; 202)Record at Drift: Alpental: 1,815Record at Drift: Ambush Canyon: 3,233Record at Drift: Catalunya Club: 1,714Record at Drift: Mount Panorama: 1,905Record at Drift: Brands Hatch GP: 3,136Record at Drift: Brands Hatch Indy: 2,006Record at Drift: Brno Circuit: 3,256Record at Drift: Dakota GP: 2,160Record at Drift: Dakota Club: 1,587Record at Drift: Dakota Tri-Oval: 3,701
Record at Drift: Dijon-Prenois: 3,459Record at Drift: Dijon-Prenois Short: 2,785Record at Drift: Donington GP: 1,753Record at Drift: Donington National: 1,390Record at Drift: Dubai International: 2,678Record at Drift: Ebisu Circuit West: 768Record at Drift: Ebisu Circuit South: 623Record at Drift: Ebisu Circuit Touge: 248Record at Drift: Glendale Club: 906Record at Drift: Hazyview Eight: 490
Record at Drift: Hockenheimring GP: 2,078Record at Drift: Hockenheimring National: 1,868Record at Drift: Hockenheimring Short: 1,605Record at Drift: London River: 1,075Record at Drift: Miami Bicentennial: 1,361Record at Drift: London Royal Mile: 1,072Record at Drift: Miami Bayfront: 580Record at Drift: London Embankment Loop: 1,110Record at Drift: Miami Biscayne: 1,618Record at Drift: London Whitehall Drive: 1,246
Record at Drift: Miami Bayside: 1,284Record at Drift: London Club: 693Record at Drift: Nordschleife Nurnburg: 2,590Record at Drift: Nurburgring GP: 2,548Record at Drift: Nurburgring Mullenbach: 744Record at Drift: Nurburgring Sprint: 1,808Record at Drift: Oschersleben GP: 1,683Record at Drift: Road America: 3,080Record at Drift: Tokyo Circuit: 1,627Record at Drift: Tokyo Westbound: 1,732
Record at Drift: Tokyo Club: 867Record at Drift: Silverstone Bridge GP: 3,194Record at Drift: Tokyo Dockside: 922Record at Drift: Silverstone International: 2,300Record at Drift: Willow Springs GP: 4,906Record at Drift: Suzuka GP: 2,778Record at Drift: Suzuka East: 1,539Record at Drift: Willow Springs Horse: 1,045Record at Drift: Zolder Circuit: 3,164Record at Drift: Silverstone GP: 2,906
Record at Drift: London Millemium Drift: 2,149Record at Drift: TOYOTA Drift 1: 802Record at Drift: Tokyo Docks Drift: 1,089Record at Drift: Miami Park Drift: 1,190Record at Drift: Autopolis GP: 2,638Record at Drift: Autopolis Lakeside: 823Record at Drift: Catalunya GP: 2,214Record at Drift: Catalunya National: 1,267Record at Drift: Dakota National: 1,496Record at Drift: Dubai GP: 3,009
Record at Drift: Dubai Club: 1,588Record at Drift: Dubai National: 2,115Record at Drift: Glendale West: 1,102Record at Drift: Monza Jr: 1,289Record at Drift: Oschersleben B: 1,055Record at Drift: Riviera Casino: 1,459Record at Drift: Riviera Monte Grande: 1,196Record at Drift: Riviera Monument: 761Record at Drift: Riviera Port: 822Record at Drift: Shanghai Bund GP: 1,271
Record at Drift: Shanghai Nanjing: 917Record at Drift: Shanghai Yan_an: 863Record at Drift: Silverstone National: 1,628Record at Drift: Spa GP: 2,661Record at Drift: TOYOTA Drift 2: 1,066Record at Drift: Glendale East: 1,200Record at Drift: Nurburgring Sprint Short: 1,204
9RussiaINVERTER6,038 -7,938 -1,908127 (126; 1)Record at Circuit: Autopolis GP: 1:26.267Record at Circuit: Ambush Canyon: 1:07.166Record at Circuit: Catalunya GP: 1:26.886Record at Circuit: Catalunya National: 0:58.370Record at Circuit: Mount Panorama: 1:39.710Record at Circuit: Donington National: 0:54.152Record at Circuit: Dubai GP: 1:35.875Record at Circuit: Dubai Club: 0:47.805Record at Circuit: Dubai International: 1:17.413Record at Circuit: Dubai National: 1:07.886
Record at Circuit: Enna Pergusa: 1:16.398Record at Circuit: Hockenheimring Short: 0:51.569Record at Circuit: Hockenheimring [1982]: 1:43.240Record at Circuit: Miami Bicentennial: 0:54.605Record at Circuit: London Royal Mile: 1:05.964Record at Circuit: Miami Bayfront: 0:41.323Record at Circuit: London Whitehall Drive: 1:23.489Record at Circuit: Miami Bayside: 1:23.660Record at Circuit: Monza GP [1958]: 1:07.820Record at Circuit: Monza GP: 1:23.997
Record at Circuit: Nordschleife Aremberg: 1:59.513Record at Circuit: Nordschleife Karussell: 1:54.904Record at Circuit: Nordschleife Nurnburg: 1:50.377Record at Circuit: Oschersleben GP: 1:11.968Record at Circuit: Riviera Casino: 1:05.181Record at Circuit: Riviera Monte Grande: 1:29.461Record at Circuit: Road America: 1:41.003Record at Circuit: Rouen Short [1952]: 1:24.995Record at Circuit: Shanghai Bund GP: 1:16.796Record at Circuit: Shanghai Yan_an: 0:51.648
Record at Circuit: Silverstone GP [1975]: 1:05.787Record at Circuit: Silverstone Bridge GP: 1:28.992Record at Circuit: Silverstone International: 1:04.089Record at Circuit: Silverstone National: 0:43.326Record at Circuit: Spa GP: 1:53.667Record at Circuit: Willow Springs GP: 1:03.255Record at Circuit: Suzuka West: 1:01.569Record at Circuit: Zolder Circuit: 1:14.268Record at Circuit: Silverstone GP: 1:40.447
10GermanySPEEDFr3ak4,342 -9,634 -1,69694 (94; 0)Record at Circuit: Glendale Club: 0:29.142Record at Circuit: Glendale West: 0:41.638Record at Circuit: Hazyview Eight: 0:14.395Record at Circuit: Hockenheimring GP: 1:21.852Record at Circuit: London River: 1:02.280Record at Circuit: Miami Biscayne: 1:12.584Record at Circuit: London Club: 0:33.548Record at Circuit: Riviera Monument: 0:29.466Record at Circuit: Riviera Port: 0:48.798Record at Circuit: Tokyo Circuit: 0:45.540
Record at Circuit: Shanghai Nanjing: 1:00.173Record at Circuit: Tokyo Westbound: 0:46.992Record at Circuit: Tokyo Club: 0:36.598
11RussiaR.C.I.Injik4,268 -9,708 -7486 (86; 0)Record at Circuit: London Embankment Loop: 1:20.223Record at Circuit: Willow Springs Horse: 0:46.104
12ThailandMotiis4,198 -9,778 -70109 (16; 93)Record at Drift: Autopolis Lakeside: 1,087Record at Drift: TOYOTA Drift 2: 1,093Record at Drift: Alpental: 1,461Record at Drift: Ebisu Circuit West: 685Record at Drift: Ebisu Circuit South: 612Record at Drift: Ebisu Circuit Touge: 237Record at Drift: Hazyview Eight: 461Record at Drift: London Club: 650Record at Drift: Nordschleife: 5,121Record at Drift: Nordschleife Aremberg: 1,503
Record at Drift: Nordschleife Karussell: 1,809Record at Drift: Tokyo Dockside: 823Record at Drift: Willow Springs Horse: 835Record at Drift: London Millemium Drift: 2,047Record at Drift: TOYOTA Drift 1: 772Record at Drift: Tokyo Docks Drift: 867Record at Drift: Catalunya Club: 1,403Record at Drift: Dakota GP: 1,961Record at Drift: Dakota Club: 1,434Record at Drift: Dakota National: 1,165
Record at Drift: Laguna Seca: 879Record at Drift: Miami Biscayne: 1,094Record at Drift: Nordschleife Nurnburg: 1,965Record at Drift: Nurburgring Sprint: 1,567Record at Drift: Tokyo Circuit: 1,373Record at Drift: Tokyo Westbound: 1,312Record at Drift: Tokyo Club: 665Record at Drift: Spa GP: 1,862Record at Drift: Suzuka GP: 1,769Record at Drift: Suzuka West: 909
Record at Drift: Zolder Circuit: 1,841Record at Drift: Miami Park Drift: 1,081
13GermanyDoeRTyogibear67-DoeRT4,160 -9,816 -38196 (188; 8)
14GermanyInComSysh31k03,739 -10,237 -421273 (255; 18)
15GermanyDoeRTtommy993-DoeRT3,656 -10,320 -83169 (169; 0)
16Germanyrolandrudi3,432 -10,544 -22489 (89; 0)
17CanadaISRCDimitriKhoz3,385 -10,591 -47166 (29; 137)
18PolandSSCWOJTEK63LUBLIN2,772 -11,204 -613180 (173; 7)
19GermanyPUC RTRaceRabbit1132,755 -11,221 -17175 (175; 0)
20GermanyF2,130 -11,846 -625103 (79; 24)
20GreeceJohnMalisianos2,130 -11,846 -0128 (128; 0)
21South Africa[FiB]FiB-F3arM32,117 -11,859 -13109 (94; 15)
22UkraineUSSRUSSRxLegend2,030 -11,946 -8739 (39; 0)Record at Circuit: Ebisu Circuit South: 0:25.138
23Switzerlandkingq1,967 -12,009 -6366 (66; 0)Record at Circuit: Dakota Tri-Oval: 0:27.489Record at Circuit: Rustle creek: 0:15.548
24RussiaVR[VR]P-2Kill1,897 -12,079 -7073 (0; 73)
25Russia-AleX-1,275 -12,701 -62225 (6; 19)
26NetherlandsRNLxforce301641,178 -12,798 -9787 (87; 0)
27GermanyDoeRTuser0815-DoeRT1,166 -12,810 -1236 (36; 0)
28RussiaR.C.I.TormozOff1,136 -12,840 -3051 (51; 0)
29Belaruskot1,121 -12,855 -1562 (62; 0)
30GermanyDoeRTschudo37-DoeRT965 -13,011 -15626 (26; 0)
31BrazilLekobain859 -13,117 -10625 (25; 0)
32GermanyInComSysMrsDeSh811 -13,165 -4858 (51; 7)
33SpainMaNcHaDo724 -13,252 -8717 (17; 0)
34GermanyInComSysFranko77683 -13,293 -4122 (8; 14)
35Russia[E.R.T.]RaMHa649 -13,327 -3448 (48; 0)
36Italydark0z627 -13,349 -2229 (29; 0)
37GermanynEx544 -13,432 -8326 (26; 0)
38Russia[E.R.T.]WJIvan504 -13,472 -4038 (38; 0)
39UkraineRoX.KISRoX.KIS.xNice467 -13,509 -3729 (29; 0)
40GermanyDoeRTleovinci44-Doert403 -13,573 -6416 (16; 0)
41GermanyApophis11385 -13,591 -1812 (12; 0)
42PolandPSGPROBOTpl354 -13,622 -3112 (12; 0)
43United StatesRipplethepixels350 -13,626 -427 (27; 0)
44GermanyMullahAkullah341 -13,635 -920 (18; 2)
45GermanyuwewienaDEU335 -13,641 -68 (0; 8)
46Germanyzer0blade332 -13,644 -331 (31; 0)
47RussiaDryshifT325 -13,651 -75 (0; 5)Record at Drift: Silverstone GP [1975]: 2,319Record at Drift: Silverstone Bridge GP: 3,095Record at Drift: Silverstone National: 1,603
48ItalyR.C.I.goldwings302 -13,674 -2310 (10; 0)
49GermanyNFSESLxChakuza293 -13,683 -99 (9; 0)

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