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Recent Records
Track # Pts. Country Team Player Record Car Top Speed Trans. Handl. Controller Impr. Date
Circuit: Monza GP [1958]560Italydark0z1:10.014
Bugatti 16.4
408.93MTCasualKeyboard42097d ago
Circuit: Nurburgring Sprint2128Italydark0z1:16.263
Bugatti 16.4
329.18MTCasualKeyboard02098d ago
Circuit: Dakota GP2719Italydark0z0:39.374
Bugatti 16.4
320.04MTCasualKeyboard12098d ago
Circuit: Miami Bayfront2028Italydark0z0:43.599
Bugatti 16.4
284.72MTCasualKeyboard02098d ago
Circuit: Alpental610Italydark0z0:36.936
Bugatti 16.4
253.40MTEliteKeyboard12099d ago
Circuit: Alpental4213Italydark0z0:36.030
Bugatti 16.4
255.53MTCasualKeyboard12099d ago
Circuit: Alpental710BelarusRaidan0:38.018 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 209
Bugatti 16.4
255.10ATEliteWheel12099d ago
Circuit: Dakota GP3417BelarusRaidan0:40.791 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 194
Bugatti 16.4
322.06ATEliteWheel02099d ago
Circuit: Miami Bayfront2626BelarusRaidan0:44.583 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 188
Bugatti 16.4
282.86ATEliteWheel22099d ago
Circuit: Miami Bayfront300BelarusRaidan0:46.098 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 175
245.10ATEliteWheel02099d ago
Circuit: Mount Panorama2520Italydark0z1:48.198
Bugatti 16.4
347.46MTCasualKeyboard12099d ago
Circuit: Dijon-Prenois Short3315Italydark0z0:53.712
Bugatti 16.4
343.99MTCasualKeyboard22099d ago
Circuit: Suzuka West1634Italydark0z1:04.930
Bugatti 16.4
317.43MTCasualKeyboard12099d ago
Circuit: Rouen GP [1966]1830Italydark0z1:35.055
Bugatti 16.4
347.14MTCasualKeyboard02099d ago
Circuit: Rouen Short [1952]1538Italydark0z1:32.379
Bugatti 16.4
337.93MTCasualKeyboard12099d ago
Circuit: Mount Panorama3218BelarusRaidan1:50.244 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 194
Bugatti 16.4
371.29ATEliteWheel12100d ago
Circuit: Nurburgring Sprint2622BelarusRaidan1:17.706 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 200
Bugatti 16.4
317.46ATEliteWheel02100d ago
Circuit: Suzuka West2422BelarusRaidan1:06.561 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 190
Bugatti 16.4
331.55ATEliteWheel22100d ago
Circuit: Suzuka West280BelarusRaidan1:12.029 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 200
309.26ATEliteWheel02100d ago
Circuit: Enna Pergusa2026BelarusRaidan1:26.236 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 196
Bugatti 16.4
336.76ATProWheel12106d ago
Circuit: Rouen Short [1952]2322BelarusRaidan1:58.236 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 202
Bugatti 16.4
330.14ATProWheel02107d ago
Circuit: Dakota Tri-Oval4514BelarusRaidan0:29.777 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 188
Bugatti 16.4
331.04ATProWheel02107d ago
Circuit: Dijon-Prenois Short4210BelarusRaidan0:54.881 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 177
Bugatti 16.4
353.01ATProWheel02107d ago
Circuit: Miyatomi360BelarusRaidan0:11.378 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 185
Bugatti 16.4
155.41ATProWheel22107d ago
Circuit: Miyatomi3022BelarusRaidan0:11.032 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 188
161.31ATProWheel02107d ago
Circuit: Nordschleife510BelarusRaidan6:50.350 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 195
304.90ATProWheel02107d ago
Circuit: Nordschleife459BelarusRaidan6:38.729 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 196
Bugatti 16.4
374.98ATProWheel02107d ago
Circuit: Nevada Freight Yard2134BelarusRaidan0:23.010 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 191
Bugatti 16.4
420.24ATProWheel12107d ago
Circuit: Riviera Casino1832BelarusRaidan1:11.316 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 227
Bugatti 16.4
314.52ATProWheel22107d ago
Circuit: Riviera Casino240BelarusRaidan1:19.246 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 183
284.43ATProWheel02107d ago
Circuit: Nordschleife3215Italydark0z6:20.154
Bugatti 16.4
375.65MTCasualKeyboard32114d ago
Circuit: Tokyo Westbound2324Italydark0z0:53.765
Bugatti 16.4
283.69MTCasualKeyboard02123d ago
Circuit: Tokyo Circuit2428Italydark0z0:54.674
Bugatti 16.4
286.24MTCasualKeyboard02123d ago
Circuit: Tokyo Dockside2622Italydark0z0:39.583
Bugatti 16.4
268.24MTCasualKeyboard12123d ago
Circuit: Tokyo Club2328Italydark0z0:39.094
Bugatti 16.4
255.54MTCasualKeyboard12123d ago
Circuit: Donington National3317Italydark0z1:00.305
Bugatti 16.4
309.10MTCasualKeyboard02123d ago
Circuit: Glendale Club3915Italydark0z0:33.233
Bugatti 16.4
262.14MTCasualKeyboard02123d ago
Circuit: Riviera Monument2424Italydark0z0:31.885
Bugatti 16.4
269.81MTCasualKeyboard12131d ago
Circuit: TOYOTA Oval1632Italydark0z0:14.131
Bugatti 16.4
206.61MTCasualKeyboard02131d ago
Circuit: Dakota Tri-Oval3419Italydark0z0:29.333
Bugatti 16.4
336.69MTCasualKeyboard12131d ago
Circuit: Hazyview Oval3022Italydark0z0:11.284
Bugatti 16.4
177.49MTCasualKeyboard22131d ago
Circuit: Miyatomi2526Italydark0z0:10.774
Bugatti 16.4
159.77MTCasualKeyboard12131d ago
Circuit: Monza Jr2422Italydark0z0:39.863
Bugatti 16.4
325.95MTCasualKeyboard12132d ago
Circuit: Hazyview Eight2920Italydark0z0:16.982
Bugatti 16.4
166.60MTCasualKeyboard02132d ago
Circuit: Spa GP3513Omar DmX2:08.412 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 199
Huayra SH
333.19MTCasualPad02143d ago
Circuit: Road America3914Omar DmX1:55.045 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 201
Huayra SH
339.27MTCasualPad02143d ago
Circuit: Road America510Omar DmX11:55.601 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 188
Huayra SH
338.61MTX_CasualPad02144d ago
Drift: Suzuka GP755ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208925
Audi S3
174.55MTCasualWheel12163d ago
Drift: Willow Springs GP1152ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208678
Audi S3
184.48MTCasualWheel02163d ago
Drift: Willow Springs Horse1249ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208297
Audi S3
134.17MTCasualWheel02163d ago
Drift: Tokyo Westbound955ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208487
Audi S3
168.80MTCasualWheel02163d ago
Drift: Tokyo Circuit860ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208693
Audi S3
165.68MTCasualWheel02163d ago
Drift: Tokyo Dockside1255ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208429
Audi S3
152.02MTCasualWheel02163d ago
Drift: Tokyo Club1452ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208305
Audi S3
139.88MTCasualWheel02163d ago
Drift: Tokyo Docks Drift1649ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208305
Audi S3
131.90MTCasualWheel02163d ago
Drift: TOYOTA Drift 21455ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208402
Audi S3
151.17MTCasualWheel02163d ago
Drift: TOYOTA Drift 11843ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208116
Audi S3
137.75MTCasualWheel02163d ago
Drift: Suzuka West660ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208425
Audi S3
137.03MTCasualWheel12163d ago
Drift: Suzuka East1155ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208315
Audi S3
143.02MTCasualWheel02163d ago
Drift: Zolder Circuit760GreeceR.C.I.Panagiwta985
Audi S3
91.96MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Oschersleben B860GreeceR.C.I.Panagiwta550
Audi S3
96.17MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Oschersleben GP960GreeceR.C.I.Panagiwta808
Audi S3
86.75MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Glendale West1252GreeceR.C.I.Panagiwta577
Audi S3
93.92MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Rouen GP [1966]385GreeceR.C.I.Panagiwta1,364
Audi S3
153.83MTCasualWheel12164d ago
Drift: Rouen Short [1952]285GreeceR.C.I.Panagiwta1,309
Audi S3
140.48MTCasualWheel12164d ago
Drift: Monza GP [1958]385GreeceR.C.I.Panagiwta1,067
Audi S3
146.56MTCasualWheel12164d ago
Drift: Silverstone GP860ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208985
Audi S3
182.71MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Silverstone GP [1975]575ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208858
Audi S3
186.36MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Silverstone Bridge GP1452ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208908
Audi S3
187.67MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Silverstone International960ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208806
Audi S3
163.34MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Silverstone National1752ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208430
Audi S3
167.50MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Shanghai Bund GP660ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208790
Audi S3
191.02MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Shanghai Nanjing952ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208436
Audi S3
153.29MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Shanghai Yan_an955ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208329
Audi S3
152.89MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Rouen GP [1966]475ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208880
Audi S3
228.41MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Rouen Short [1952]475ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208742
Audi S3
191.31MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Road America660ItalyR.C.I.Falco 2081,343
Audi S3
209.26MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Riviera Monte Grande565ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208415
Audi S3
175.48MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Riviera Casino755ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208380
Audi S3
188.75MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Riviera Port660ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208201
Audi S3
154.30MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Riviera Monument1255ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208156
Audi S3
149.29MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Nurburgring GP760ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208804
Audi S3
181.14MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Nurburgring Sprint855ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208543
Audi S3
162.05MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Nurburgring Sprint Short860ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208425
Audi S3
180.72MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Nurburgring Mullenbach860ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208262
Audi S3
145.73MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Nordschleife855ItalyR.C.I.Falco 2082,037
Audi S3
214.96MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Nordschleife Aremberg855ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208733
Audi S3
226.98MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Nordschleife Karussell855ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208523
Audi S3
213.27MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Nordschleife Nurnburg955ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208639
Audi S3
175.77MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Mount Panorama655ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208790
Audi S3
241.24MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Oschersleben GP1055ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208723
Audi S3
163.26MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Oschersleben B1055ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208470
Audi S3
150.09MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Monza GP760ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208745
Audi S3
211.96MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Monza GP [1958]475ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208677
Audi S3
189.77MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Monza Jr1352ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208382
Audi S3
192.48MTCasualWheel02164d ago
Drift: Miami Bayside1052ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208482
Audi S3
171.69MTCasualWheel02165d ago
Drift: Miami Biscayne952ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208436
Audi S3
167.41MTCasualWheel02165d ago
Drift: Miami Bicentennial1049ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208171
Audi S3
140.06MTCasualWheel02165d ago
Drift: Miami Bayfront1149ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208122
Audi S3
155.58MTCasualWheel02165d ago
Drift: Miami Park Drift3536ItalyR.C.I.Falco 208355
Audi S3
135.88MTCasualWheel02165d ago

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