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Player details
Nickname: Panagiwta
Trophies: Record at Circuit: Ambush Canyon: 1:06.966Record at Circuit: Catalunya Club: 0:35.276Record at Circuit: Dijon-Prenois: 1:02.137Record at Circuit: Dijon-Prenois [1972]: 0:49.680Record at Circuit: Donington GP: 1:12.779Record at Circuit: Hazyview Eight: 0:14.234Record at Circuit: TOYOTA Oval: 0:13.473Record at Circuit: Laguna Seca: 1:08.802Record at Circuit: Monza GP: 1:23.746Record at Circuit: Nurburgring Sprint: 1:10.657
Record at Circuit: Riviera Monument: 0:29.198Record at Circuit: Rustle creek: 0:15.489Record at Circuit: Tokyo Westbound: 0:46.553Record at Circuit: Silverstone International: 1:03.813Record at Circuit: Spa GP: 1:53.568Record at Circuit: Suzuka West: 1:01.133Record at Circuit: Alpental: 0:33.828Record at Circuit: Autopolis GP: 1:25.334Record at Circuit: Autopolis Lakeside: 0:43.118Record at Circuit: Catalunya GP: 1:26.488
Record at Circuit: Catalunya National: 0:58.298Record at Circuit: Mount Panorama: 1:39.356Record at Circuit: Brands Hatch GP: 1:09.706Record at Circuit: Brands Hatch Indy: 0:36.520Record at Circuit: Brno Circuit: 1:37.912Record at Circuit: Dakota GP: 0:36.750Record at Circuit: Dakota Club: 0:29.944Record at Circuit: Dakota National: 0:32.616Record at Circuit: Dakota Tri-Oval: 0:27.128Record at Circuit: Dijon-Prenois Short: 0:49.923
Record at Circuit: Donington National: 0:53.988Record at Circuit: Dubai GP: 1:35.424Record at Circuit: Dubai Club: 0:47.763Record at Circuit: Dubai International: 1:17.294Record at Circuit: Dubai National: 1:07.367Record at Circuit: Ebisu Circuit West: 0:44.354Record at Circuit: Ebisu Circuit South: 0:25.041Record at Circuit: Ebisu Circuit Touge: 0:34.000Record at Circuit: Enna Pergusa: 1:16.197Record at Circuit: Glendale Club: 0:29.093
Record at Circuit: Glendale East: 0:41.666Record at Circuit: Glendale West: 0:41.363Record at Circuit: Hazyview Oval: 0:10.522Record at Circuit: Hockenheimring GP: 1:21.420Record at Circuit: Hockenheimring National: 1:10.688Record at Circuit: Hockenheimring Short: 0:50.654Record at Circuit: Hockenheimring [1982]: 1:43.155Record at Circuit: London River: 1:02.241Record at Circuit: Miami Bicentennial: 0:53.356Record at Circuit: London Royal Mile: 1:05.722
Record at Circuit: Miami Bayfront: 0:41.214Record at Circuit: London Embankment Loop: 1:20.106Record at Circuit: Miami Biscayne: 1:12.098Record at Circuit: London Whitehall Drive: 1:23.487Record at Circuit: Miami Bayside: 1:23.596Record at Circuit: London Club: 0:33.492Record at Circuit: Monza GP [1958]: 1:07.757Record at Circuit: Monza Jr: 0:37.905Record at Circuit: Miyatomi: 0:10.111Record at Circuit: Nordschleife: 5:30.566
Record at Circuit: Nordschleife Aremberg: 1:58.958Record at Circuit: Nordschleife Karussell: 1:54.873Record at Circuit: Nordschleife Nurnburg: 1:50.285Record at Circuit: Nurburgring GP: 1:36.543Record at Circuit: Nurburgring Mullenbach: 0:32.366Record at Circuit: Nurburgring Sprint Short: 0:59.317Record at Circuit: Oschersleben GP: 1:11.459Record at Circuit: Oschersleben B: 0:50.453Record at Circuit: Riviera Casino: 1:04.839Record at Circuit: Riviera Monte Grande: 1:29.418
Record at Circuit: Riviera Port: 0:48.592Record at Circuit: Road America: 1:40.360Record at Circuit: Rouen GP [1966]: 1:28.230Record at Circuit: Rouen Short [1952]: 1:24.994Record at Circuit: Shanghai Bund GP: 1:14.886Record at Circuit: Tokyo Circuit: 0:45.381Record at Circuit: Shanghai Nanjing: 0:59.830Record at Circuit: Shanghai Yan_an: 0:51.626Record at Circuit: Tokyo Club: 0:36.270Record at Circuit: Silverstone GP [1975]: 1:05.261
Record at Circuit: Silverstone Bridge GP: 1:27.207Record at Circuit: Tokyo Dockside: 0:36.104Record at Circuit: Silverstone National: 0:43.298Record at Circuit: Willow Springs GP: 1:02.979Record at Circuit: Suzuka GP: 1:41.629Record at Circuit: Suzuka East: 0:40.946Record at Circuit: Willow Springs Horse: 0:45.661Record at Circuit: Zolder Circuit: 1:13.858Record at Circuit: Silverstone GP: 1:40.319Record at Circuit: Miyatomi Drag Strip: 0:07.631
Record at Circuit: Agueda Drag Strip: 0:07.572Record at Circuit: Agueda Aerodrome: 0:19.504Record at Circuit: Nevada Drag Strip: 0:07.571Record at Circuit: Nevada Freight Yard: 0:19.927Record at Drift: Enna Pergusa: 840Record at Drift: Hockenheimring [1982]: 707Record at Drift: London Embankment Loop: 1,069Record at Drift: Monza GP [1958]: 1,067Record at Drift: Rouen GP [1966]: 1,364Record at Drift: Rouen Short [1952]: 1,309
Record at Circuit: Miyatomi Mile: 0:18.872Record at Drift: Miami Bicentennial: 754Record at Drift: Miami Bayfront: 412Record at Drift: London Whitehall Drive: 935Record at Drift: Miami Bayside: 923Record at Drift: Monza GP: 860Record at Drift: Shanghai Bund GP: 1,265Record at Drift: Shanghai Nanjing: 834Record at Drift: Shanghai Yan_an: 712
Number of Results (Circuit; Drift): 153 (102; 51)
Pts. (Circuit; Drift): 11,516 (8305; 3211)
Beat WR's: 59
Improved Own Records: 139
Top Speed Reached: 451.7 km/h
Average Place: 2.97
Country: Greece
Team: R.C.I.
Real Name: Panagiota
City: Chalkida
MSN, [at] = @ :
Player Profile Viewed:1898
Statistics Icon Viewed:0
Joined: 27/08/11, 16:04 GMT
Last Received Record: 19/03/12, 20:41 GMT

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Track # Pts. Record Loss Diff. Car Top Speed Trans. Handl. Controller Impr. Date
Circuit: Alpental2850:33.828+0:00.024+0:00.024
Bugatti 16.4
265.3MTCasualWheel102/09/11, 19:24
Circuit: Autopolis GP2851:25.334+0:00.179+0:00.179
Bugatti 16.4
320.9MTCasualWheel003/09/11, 13:20
Circuit: Autopolis Lakeside2850:43.118+0:00.251+0:00.251
Bugatti 16.4
228.2MTCasualWheel118/09/11, 14:00
Circuit: Ambush Canyon11001:06.966+0:00.000+0:00.000
Bugatti 16.4
301.5MTCasualWheel118/09/11, 13:21
Circuit: Catalunya GP2851:26.488+0:00.297+0:00.297
Bugatti 16.4
350.4MTCasualWheel003/09/11, 13:40
Circuit: Catalunya National2850:58.298+0:00.049+0:00.049
Bugatti 16.4
336.6MTCasualWheel009/09/11, 19:15
Circuit: Catalunya Club11000:35.276+0:00.000+0:00.000
Bugatti 16.4
281.7MTCasualWheel123/09/11, 19:22
Circuit: Mount Panorama2851:39.356+0:00.077+0:00.077
Bugatti 16.4
369.3MTCasualWheel118/09/11, 17:25
Circuit: Brands Hatch GP2851:09.706+0:00.095+0:00.095
Bugatti 16.4
316.5MTCasualWheel111/09/11, 19:40
Circuit: Brands Hatch GP701:10.237+0:00.626+0:00.269
309.2MTCasualWheel027/08/11, 20:04
Circuit: Brands Hatch Indy2850:36.520+0:00.148+0:00.148
Bugatti 16.4
302.3MTCasualWheel118/09/11, 09:59
Circuit: Brands Hatch Indy400:37.035+0:00.663+0:00.388
295.8MTCasualWheel027/08/11, 20:31
Circuit: Brno Circuit2851:37.912+0:00.358+0:00.358
Bugatti 16.4
302.7MTCasualWheel218/09/11, 13:37
Circuit: Dakota GP2850:36.750+0:00.156+0:00.156
Bugatti 16.4
325.3MTCasualWheel117/09/11, 21:04
Circuit: Dakota Club2850:29.944+0:00.070+0:00.070
Bugatti 16.4
296.3MTCasualWheel219/02/12, 10:16
Circuit: Dakota National2850:32.616+0:00.033+0:00.033
Bugatti 16.4
301.3MTCasualWheel028/08/11, 15:08
Circuit: Dakota Tri-Oval3000:28.958+0:01.862+0:00.060
Bugatti 16.4
336.2MTCasualWheel028/08/11, 15:18
Circuit: Dakota Tri-Oval2850:27.128+0:00.032+0:00.032
McLaren F1
366.1MTCasualWheel028/08/11, 16:11
Circuit: Dijon-Prenois11001:02.137+0:00.000+0:00.000
Bugatti 16.4
358.7MTCasualWheel105/02/12, 16:44
Circuit: Dijon-Prenois Short2850:49.923+0:00.046+0:00.046
Bugatti 16.4
360.5MTCasualWheel213/02/12, 21:30
Circuit: Dijon-Prenois [1972]11000:49.680+0:00.000+0:00.000
Bugatti 16.4
361.2MTCasualWheel715/02/12, 20:41
Circuit: Donington GP11001:12.779+0:00.000+0:00.000
Bugatti 16.4
298.2MTCasualWheel028/08/11, 15:30
Circuit: Donington National2850:53.988+0:00.171+0:00.171
Bugatti 16.4
307.2MTCasualWheel118/09/11, 18:02
Circuit: Dubai GP2851:35.424+0:00.131+0:00.131
Bugatti 16.4
338.4MTCasualWheel004/09/11, 16:38
Circuit: Dubai Club2850:47.763+0:00.284+0:00.284
Bugatti 16.4
337.0MTCasualWheel125/09/11, 14:36
Circuit: Dubai International2851:17.294+0:00.358+0:00.358
Bugatti 16.4
333.3MTCasualWheel131/08/11, 20:24
Circuit: Dubai National2851:07.367+0:00.143+0:00.143
Bugatti 16.4
324.5MTCasualWheel125/09/11, 14:21
Circuit: Ebisu Circuit West2850:44.354+0:00.253+0:00.253
Bugatti 16.4
267.9MTCasualWheel118/09/11, 13:52
Circuit: Ebisu Circuit South2850:25.041+0:00.166+0:00.166
Bugatti 16.4
222.3MTCasualWheel010/09/11, 09:25
Circuit: Ebisu Circuit Touge2850:34.000+0:00.012+0:00.012
Bugatti 16.4
148.1MTCasualWheel010/09/11, 09:44
Circuit: Enna Pergusa2851:16.197+0:00.439+0:00.439
Bugatti 16.4
357.8MTCasualWheel128/01/12, 22:53
Circuit: Glendale Club2850:29.093+0:00.021+0:00.021
Bugatti 16.4
278.1MTCasualWheel003/09/11, 10:15
Circuit: Glendale East2850:41.666+0:00.079+0:00.079
Bugatti 16.4
287.9MTCasualWheel003/09/11, 10:35
Circuit: Glendale West2850:41.363+0:00.111+0:00.111
Bugatti 16.4
288.2MTCasualWheel108/10/11, 16:45
Circuit: Hazyview Eight11000:14.234+0:00.000+0:00.000
Bugatti 16.4
172.1MTCasualWheel131/08/11, 20:44
Circuit: Hazyview Oval2850:10.522+0:00.076+0:00.076
Bugatti 16.4
188.9MTCasualWheel031/08/11, 20:32
Circuit: Hockenheimring GP2851:21.420+0:00.211+0:00.211
Bugatti 16.4
332.7MTCasualWheel013/09/11, 19:42
Circuit: Hockenheimring National2851:10.688+0:00.134+0:00.134
Bugatti 16.4
304.9MTCasualWheel013/09/11, 19:01
Circuit: Hockenheimring Short2850:50.654+0:00.139+0:00.139
Bugatti 16.4
299.2MTCasualWheel013/09/11, 19:10
Circuit: Hockenheimring [1982]2851:43.155+0:00.422+0:00.422
Bugatti 16.4
363.8MTCasualWheel013/09/11, 18:52
Circuit: TOYOTA Oval11000:13.473+0:00.000+0:00.000
Bugatti 16.4
216.7MTCasualWheel002/09/11, 19:32
Circuit: Laguna Seca11001:08.802+0:00.000+0:00.000
Bugatti 16.4
300.5MTCasualWheel123/09/11, 19:07
Circuit: Laguna Seca901:10.688+0:01.886+0:00.283
295.7MTCasualWheel027/08/11, 21:58
Circuit: London River2851:02.241+0:00.211+0:00.211
Bugatti 16.4
317.6MTCasualWheel108/10/11, 17:12
Circuit: Miami Bicentennial2850:53.356+0:00.190+0:00.190
Bugatti 16.4
270.9MTCasualWheel102/09/11, 23:03
Circuit: London Royal Mile2851:05.722+0:00.411+0:00.411
Bugatti 16.4
328.2MTCasualWheel105/02/12, 10:33
Circuit: Miami Bayfront2850:41.214+0:00.179+0:00.179
Bugatti 16.4
285.8MTCasualWheel010/09/11, 17:02
Circuit: London Embankment Loop2851:20.106+0:00.981+0:00.981
Bugatti 16.4
311.2MTCasualWheel101/10/11, 14:29
Circuit: Miami Biscayne2851:12.098+0:00.390+0:00.390
Bugatti 16.4
319.0MTCasualWheel010/09/11, 17:45
Circuit: London Whitehall Drive2851:23.487+0:00.158+0:00.158
Bugatti 16.4
322.3MTCasualWheel105/02/12, 10:57
Circuit: London Whitehall Drive701:28.696+0:05.367+0:00.728
311.1MTCasualWheel027/08/11, 20:12
Circuit: Miami Bayside2851:23.596+0:00.541+0:00.541
Bugatti 16.4
341.4MTCasualWheel010/09/11, 17:12
Circuit: Miami Bayside901:27.103+0:04.048+0:00.728
330.7MTCasualWheel027/08/11, 20:46
Circuit: London Club2850:33.492+0:00.047+0:00.047
Bugatti 16.4
288.8MTCasualWheel117/09/11, 17:30
Circuit: Monza GP [1958]2851:07.757+0:00.387+0:00.387
Bugatti 16.4
404.7MTCasualWheel328/01/12, 22:27
Circuit: Monza GP11001:23.746+0:00.000+0:00.000
Bugatti 16.4
364.1MTCasualWheel321/01/12, 23:48
Circuit: Monza Jr2850:37.905+0:00.085+0:00.085
Bugatti 16.4
344.6MTCasualWheel223/09/11, 18:59
Circuit: Miyatomi2850:10.111+0:00.202+0:00.202
165.8MTCasualWheel028/08/11, 16:49
Circuit: Miyatomi700:10.312+0:00.403+0:00.003
Bugatti 16.4
177.5MTCasualWheel028/08/11, 16:39
Circuit: Nordschleife2855:30.566+0:01.078+0:01.078
Bugatti 16.4
370.0MTCasualWheel205/02/12, 15:54
Circuit: Nordschleife Aremberg2851:58.958+0:00.296+0:00.296
Bugatti 16.4
362.2MTCasualWheel308/02/12, 20:48
Circuit: Nordschleife Karussell2851:54.873+0:00.513+0:00.513
Bugatti 16.4
336.3MTCasualWheel408/02/12, 20:32
Circuit: Nordschleife Nurnburg2851:50.285+0:00.575+0:00.575
Bugatti 16.4
362.6MTCasualWheel209/02/12, 20:52
Circuit: Nurburgring GP2851:36.543+0:00.407+0:00.407
Bugatti 16.4
317.3MTCasualWheel124/09/11, 14:45
Circuit: Nurburgring Mullenbach2850:32.366+0:00.129+0:00.129
Bugatti 16.4
283.7MTCasualWheel124/09/11, 15:58
Circuit: Nurburgring Sprint11001:10.657+0:00.000+0:00.000
Bugatti 16.4
322.6MTCasualWheel224/09/11, 14:33
Circuit: Nurburgring Sprint Short2850:59.317+0:00.068+0:00.068
Bugatti 16.4
320.7MTCasualWheel124/09/11, 15:26
Circuit: Oschersleben GP2851:11.459+0:00.218+0:00.218
Bugatti 16.4
300.4MTCasualWheel010/09/11, 09:16
Circuit: Oschersleben B2850:50.453+0:00.736+0:00.736
Bugatti 16.4
287.5MTCasualWheel010/09/11, 09:08
Circuit: Riviera Casino2851:04.839+0:00.243+0:00.243
Bugatti 16.4
329.3MTCasualWheel117/09/11, 16:48
Circuit: Riviera Monte Grande2851:29.418+0:01.497+0:01.497
Bugatti 16.4
299.6MTCasualWheel329/01/12, 11:19
Circuit: Riviera Monument11000:29.198+0:00.000+0:00.000
Bugatti 16.4
280.9MTCasualWheel017/09/11, 16:05
Circuit: Riviera Port2850:48.592+0:00.043+0:00.043
Bugatti 16.4
297.7MTCasualWheel209/02/12, 19:10
Circuit: Road America2851:40.360+0:00.662+0:00.662
Bugatti 16.4
354.9MTCasualWheel122/01/12, 08:14
Circuit: Rouen GP [1966]2851:28.230+0:00.035+0:00.035
Bugatti 16.4
368.9MTCasualWheel014/09/11, 17:56
Circuit: Rouen Short [1952]2851:24.994+0:00.216+0:00.216
Bugatti 16.4
344.9MTCasualWheel014/09/11, 18:04
Circuit: Rustle creek11000:15.489+0:00.000+0:00.000
Bugatti 16.4
263.9MTCasualWheel028/08/11, 16:58
Circuit: Shanghai Bund GP2851:14.886+0:00.819+0:00.819
Bugatti 16.4
333.5MTCasualWheel311/02/12, 19:23
Circuit: Tokyo Circuit2850:45.381+0:01.251+0:01.251
Bugatti 16.4
298.1MTCasualWheel429/01/12, 09:17
Circuit: Shanghai Nanjing2850:59.830+0:00.385+0:00.385
Bugatti 16.4
313.1MTCasualWheel111/02/12, 15:11
Circuit: Tokyo Westbound11000:46.553+0:00.000+0:00.000
Bugatti 16.4
294.1MTCasualWheel129/01/12, 10:32
Circuit: Shanghai Yan_an2850:51.626+0:00.114+0:00.114
Bugatti 16.4
308.0MTCasualWheel508/02/12, 21:17
Circuit: Tokyo Club2850:36.270+0:00.036+0:00.036
Bugatti 16.4
280.0MTCasualWheel028/08/11, 17:32
Circuit: Silverstone GP [1975]2851:05.261+0:00.153+0:00.153
Bugatti 16.4
344.5MTCasualWheel011/09/11, 14:44
Circuit: Silverstone Bridge GP2851:27.207+0:00.314+0:00.314
Bugatti 16.4
330.6MTCasualWheel011/09/11, 16:27
Circuit: Tokyo Dockside2850:36.104+0:00.200+0:00.200
Bugatti 16.4
275.5MTCasualWheel018/09/11, 09:35
Circuit: Silverstone International11001:03.813+0:00.000+0:00.000
Bugatti 16.4
311.9MTCasualWheel125/09/11, 14:52
Circuit: Silverstone National2850:43.298+0:00.153+0:00.153
Bugatti 16.4
315.0MTCasualWheel111/10/11, 19:48
Circuit: Spa GP11001:53.568+0:00.000+0:00.000
Bugatti 16.4
340.4MTCasualWheel222/01/12, 00:07
Circuit: Willow Springs GP2851:02.979+0:00.149+0:00.149
Bugatti 16.4
323.5MTCasualWheel010/09/11, 16:40
Circuit: Suzuka GP2851:41.629+0:00.077+0:00.077
Bugatti 16.4
333.1MTCasualWheel118/09/11, 20:13
Circuit: Suzuka East2850:40.946+0:00.077+0:00.077
Bugatti 16.4
332.2MTCasualWheel011/09/11, 16:46
Circuit: Willow Springs Horse2850:45.661+0:00.025+0:00.025
Bugatti 16.4
228.2MTCasualWheel111/09/11, 19:19
Circuit: Suzuka West11001:01.133+0:00.000+0:00.000
Bugatti 16.4
330.1MTCasualWheel111/10/11, 20:01
Circuit: Zolder Circuit2851:13.858+0:00.059+0:00.059
Bugatti 16.4
308.1MTCasualWheel205/10/11, 20:17
Circuit: Silverstone GP2851:40.319+0:00.031+0:00.031
Bugatti 16.4
329.3MTCasualWheel018/09/11, 17:00
Circuit: Miyatomi Drag Strip2850:07.631+0:00.113+0:00.113
314.7MTCasualWheel419/02/12, 10:38
Circuit: Miyatomi Mile3750:18.872+0:00.154+0:00.045
448.7MTCasualWheel119/02/12, 10:59
Circuit: Agueda Drag Strip2850:07.572+0:00.009+0:00.009
318.0MTCasualWheel118/02/12, 17:26
Circuit: Agueda Aerodrome2850:19.504+0:00.026+0:00.026
451.6MTCasualWheel419/02/12, 10:01
Circuit: Nevada Drag Strip2850:07.571+0:00.076+0:00.076
320.1MTCasualWheel218/02/12, 23:05
Circuit: Nevada Freight Yard2850:19.927+0:00.105+0:00.105
451.7MTCasualWheel119/02/12, 15:12
Drift: Alpental1649459-1,356-1
Audi S3
101.4MTCasualWheel203/03/12, 22:11
Drift: Autopolis GP8601,463-2,065-131
Audi S3
105.2MTCasualWheel118/03/12, 11:17
Drift: Ambush Canyon1355786-2,447-344
Audi S3
116.7MTCasualWheel318/03/12, 11:28
Drift: Mount Panorama4651,202-703-115
Audi S3
97.8MTCasualWheel004/03/12, 15:15
Drift: Brands Hatch Indy1649387-1,619-11
Audi S3
117.4MTCasualWheel004/03/12, 16:21
Drift: Brno Circuit15491,311-1,945-8
Audi S3
135.1MTCasualWheel003/03/12, 22:07
Drift: Dakota Tri-Oval9651,065-2,636-105
Audi S3
106.9MTCasualWheel110/03/12, 14:33
Drift: Donington GP4651,031-722-291
Audi S3
91.2MTCasualWheel117/03/12, 17:40
Drift: Donington National665646-744-16
Audi S3
121.0MTCasualWheel117/03/12, 17:19
Drift: Dubai GP8651,505-1,656-334
Audi S3
117.0MTCasualWheel003/03/12, 17:05
Drift: Dubai Club1160663-965-31
Audi S3
129.9MTCasualWheel403/03/12, 15:10
Drift: Dubai International8601,175-1,503-39
Audi S3
107.0MTCasualWheel003/03/12, 16:18
Drift: Dubai National1060867-1,372-168
Audi S3
113.8MTCasualWheel003/03/12, 16:03
Drift: Ebisu Circuit West760496-272-12
Audi S3
90.5MTCasualWheel018/03/12, 17:06
Drift: Ebisu Circuit South1652252-371-24
Audi S3
73.1MTCasualWheel018/03/12, 16:56
Drift: Ebisu Circuit Touge1252124-124-8
Audi S3
76.3MTCasualWheel218/03/12, 16:48
Drift: Enna Pergusa385840-532-213
Audi S3
100.6MTCasualWheel129/02/12, 21:03
Drift: Glendale Club1052471-435-42
Audi S3
85.8MTCasualWheel018/03/12, 18:50
Drift: Glendale East1055685-572-62
Audi S3
90.0MTCasualWheel018/03/12, 19:00
Drift: Glendale West1252577-541-74
Audi S3
93.9MTCasualWheel019/03/12, 19:55
Drift: Hazyview Eight2046205-285-55
Audi S3
113.3MTCasualWheel122/02/12, 20:14
Drift: Hockenheimring GP665955-1,123-112
Audi S3
109.3MTCasualWheel002/03/12, 20:07
Drift: Hockenheimring National565607-1,261-415
Audi S3
114.7MTCasualWheel002/03/12, 19:57
Drift: Hockenheimring Short955444-1,161-103
Audi S3
116.4MTCasualWheel002/03/12, 20:32
Drift: Hockenheimring [1982]385707-927-420
Audi S3
106.4MTCasualWheel001/03/12, 20:44
Drift: Laguna Seca565671-374-208
Audi S3
116.0MTCasualWheel104/03/12, 16:22
Drift: London River565760-315-1
Audi S3
128.8MTCasualWheel011/03/12, 14:14
Drift: Miami Bicentennial475754-607-299
Audi S3
102.3MTCasualWheel017/03/12, 20:26
Drift: London Royal Mile660666-406-68
Audi S3
118.6MTCasualWheel111/03/12, 14:26
Drift: Miami Bayfront375412-168-18
Audi S3
95.0MTCasualWheel017/03/12, 17:49
Drift: London Embankment Loop2851,069-41-41
Audi S3
139.2MTCasualWheel011/03/12, 14:33
Drift: Miami Biscayne565866-752-28
Audi S3
103.3MTCasualWheel017/03/12, 17:57
Drift: London Whitehall Drive475935-311-92
Audi S3
141.0MTCasualWheel011/03/12, 14:55
Drift: Miami Bayside475923-361-107
Audi S3
98.1MTCasualWheel018/03/12, 11:39
Drift: London Club860417-276-73
Audi S3
102.0MTCasualWheel011/03/12, 14:20
Drift: Monza GP [1958]3851,067-1,657-47
Audi S3
146.6MTCasualWheel119/03/12, 19:25
Drift: Monza GP575860-1,858-346
Audi S3
135.0MTCasualWheel029/02/12, 20:44
Drift: Monza Jr1155474-1,060-68
Audi S3
104.3MTCasualWheel028/02/12, 20:52
Drift: Oschersleben GP960808-875-58
Audi S3
86.8MTCasualWheel019/03/12, 20:11
Drift: Oschersleben B860550-519-102
Audi S3
96.2MTCasualWheel019/03/12, 20:17
Drift: Rouen GP [1966]3851,364-438-166
Audi S3
153.8MTCasualWheel119/03/12, 19:44
Drift: Rouen Short [1952]2851,309-258-258
Audi S3
140.5MTCasualWheel119/03/12, 19:33
Drift: Shanghai Bund GP3751,265-35-6
Audi S3
101.5MTCasualWheel503/03/12, 19:09
Drift: Shanghai Nanjing375834-111-83
Audi S3
99.6MTCasualWheel310/03/12, 14:14
Drift: Shanghai Yan_an375712-199-151
Audi S3
90.0MTCasualWheel304/03/12, 15:45
Drift: Spa GP9551,271-1,397-215
Audi S3
146.7MTCasualWheel110/03/12, 14:00
Drift: Willow Springs GP1055882-4,024-382
Audi S3
117.5MTCasualWheel004/03/12, 16:47
Drift: Willow Springs Horse1152332-713-65
Audi S3
109.6MTCasualWheel004/03/12, 16:56
Drift: Zolder Circuit760985-2,179-23
Audi S3
92.0MTCasualWheel019/03/12, 20:41
Drift: London Millemium Drift4830979-1,170-13
Audi S3
97.7MTCasualWheel110/03/12, 14:54
Drift: TOYOTA Drift 12038101-701-9
Audi S3
86.8MTCasualWheel004/03/12, 16:21

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