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Player details
Nickname: INFEL8
Number of Results (Circuit; Drift): 24 (22; 2)
Pts. (Circuit; Drift): 257 (182; 47)
Beat WR's: 6
Improved Own Records: 5
Top Speed Reached: 371.9 km/h
Average Place: 22.38
Country: Russia
Team: USSR
Real Name: Alexander
City: Pskov
Age: 27
ICQ: 202854378
MSN, [at] = @ :
Player Profile Viewed:925
Statistics Icon Viewed:0
Joined: 29/03/09, 20:50 GMT
Last Received Record: 23/10/11, 11:53 GMT

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Track # Pts. Record Loss Diff. Car Top Speed Trans. Handl. Controller Impr. Date
Circuit: Alpental10800:52.021 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 115+0:18.217+0:01.318
911 GT3 RS Bild
193.9ATExp.Wheel110/05/11, 16:13
Circuit: Alpental35160:35.713 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 106+0:01.909+0:00.033
Bugatti 16.4
257.5ATCasualWheel027/07/11, 13:17
Circuit: Alpental10900:52.654 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 98+0:18.850+0:00.633
Bugatti 16.4
227.0ATX_Elite_FDWheel003/07/11, 13:09
Circuit: Alpental11601:07.294 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 130+0:33.490+0:02.694
914/6 GT
193.8MTElite_FDWheel023/10/11, 11:53
Circuit: Alpental10600:49.789 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 89+0:15.985+0:01.344
911 GT3 Cup R
144.4MTEliteWheel013/05/11, 06:39
Circuit: Alpental11400:56.513 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 81+0:22.709+0:01.447
Golf Mk1 GTI
182.5MTNormalWheel209/05/11, 17:34
Circuit: Alpental11501:04.600 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 89+0:30.796+0:08.087
911 GT3 RS Bild
176.5MTNormalWheel009/05/11, 14:54
Circuit: Dakota Club43141:08.879 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 145+0:39.005+0:30.032
Golf Mk1 GTI
182.5MTNormalWheel009/05/11, 17:58
Circuit: Hazyview Eight30190:25.860 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 126+0:11.626+0:08.878
911 GT3 Cup R
95.2MTEliteWheel015/05/11, 08:56
Circuit: Hazyview Oval47110:16.903 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 120+0:06.457+0:03.246
911 GT3 Cup R
94.6MTEliteWheel015/05/11, 09:42
Circuit: London Royal Mile24222:15.399 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 125+1:10.088+0:45.832
230.8ATX_CasualWheel019/07/11, 08:21
Circuit: Miyatomi45150:12.371 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 113+0:02.462+0:00.252
Huayra SH
131.8ATCasualWheel012/07/11, 06:25
Circuit: Miyatomi4900:12.972 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 95+0:03.063+0:00.304
Huayra SH
133.8ATX_CasualWheel012/07/11, 06:17
Circuit: Miyatomi5200:16.985 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 88+0:07.076+0:02.074
Golf Mk1 GTI
87.1MTNormalWheel009/05/11, 18:37
Circuit: Miyatomi5000:14.822 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 86+0:04.913+0:01.850
911 GT3 Cup R
93.9MTEliteWheel013/05/11, 06:39
Circuit: Miyatomi5100:14.911 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 113+0:05.002+0:00.089
Huayra SH
132.6ATX_Elite_FDWheel012/07/11, 06:34
Circuit: Riviera Monument30181:27.667 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 121+0:58.469+0:49.383
911 GT3 Cup R
95.3MTEliteWheel015/05/11, 12:14
Circuit: Shanghai Nanjing25222:41.332 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 116+1:41.887+1:28.795
135.2ATX_CasualWheel016/07/11, 17:48
Circuit: Miyatomi Mile32190:22.045 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 106+0:03.327+0:00.805
Bugatti 16.4
371.9ATElite_FDWheel003/07/11, 12:58
Circuit: Miyatomi Mile3700:26.381 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 87+0:07.663+0:01.749
Huayra SH
335.8ATElite_FDWheel005/07/11, 10:36
Circuit: Agueda Drag Strip27260:12.868 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 106+0:05.305+0:04.105
Carrera RSR 3.0
181.4ATElite_FDWheel003/07/11, 13:15
Circuit: Agueda Drag Strip2800:13.661 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 88+0:06.098+0:00.793
Jaguar E
174.4ATElite_FDWheel103/07/11, 13:46
Drift: Alpental353279 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 166-1,736-10
911 GT3 RS Bild
138.9MTNormalWheel009/05/11, 15:12
Drift: London Millemium Drift701537 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 122-2,112-86
Alfa QV
119.4MTCasualWheel025/08/11, 15:33

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